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Natural Ways to Boost Your Mood

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You know that endorphins can put you in a better mood—and exercise can get you there. However, there are also many natural supplements that can help. Whether you’re suffering from a little seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or have trouble balancing your mood, Mother Nature might have the right trick for you up her sleeve.

SAD can happen when you don’t get enough sunlight. However, you don’t want to risk dangerous UV rays and skin cancer that certain sunlamps might feature. Most multi-vitamins don’t provide the daily recommended amount of vitamin D. Some doctors prescribe additional vitamin D supplements, especially if a person lives in a region with short days and cloudy winters.

Battling Depression (Naturally)

There’s no magic supplement that’s guaranteed to ease the symptoms of depression. Never stop taking any prescription without consulting with your doctor—but consider getting multiple opinions. There’s some evidence that natural supplements, such as lavender, can help with depression. Omega 3-fatty acids, found in fish and flaxseed oil, have also been linked as a possible depression aid.

Getting the proper amount of B vitamins is another possibility for helping with depression. Of course, there are also many other benefits to getting your B’s. It can impact your metabolism and central nervous system, too. Most doctors recommend a B complex vitamin or a comprehensive multi-vitamin that includes levels close to your recommended daily value.

Quick Pick Me Ups

While caffeine is technically a drug, it’s also natural. It’s not the best choice for everyone, and it can be addictive. However, if you really need a wake-up call for a special event, there are many natural ways to get caffeine. Forskolin concentrated at 20 percent is derived from a flower and packs a serious caffeine punch.

Green or black tea is another option instead of your usual cup of coffee. Teas contain caffeine and a host of other benefits. Green teas have been linked to improved brain function and possibly preventing both arthritis and dementia. This hasn't been proven, but it’s certainly not a bad potential side effect.

Another Consideration

Amino acids are said to impact a person’s dopamine levels. These acids might act as a mood enhancer and fight the symptoms of depression. Amino acids might also improve motivation, which is closely tied to mood, but it’s something many people struggle with in a multi-tasking world.

It’s always wise to check with your doctor before adding supplements to your regimen. Remember that some natural supplements, like St. Johns Wort, can be dangerous if taken with other medications. You might also accidentally overdose if you naturally have a diet that’s high in certain vitamins. Play it safe and be patient—finding the perfect supplement regimen can take time.


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