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New Weight Loss Surgery – No Surgery at All?

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There have certainly been many advances when it comes to the increasingly popular weight loss surgeries. In fact, incision-free bariatric surgery is now an option.

Well, the latest procedure is not only incision-free, but it’s also surgery-free. Huh?

Kay Lindley, fifty-nine, weighed 315 pounds and wanted to lose … So in July 2009, she traveled to a clinic in Spain. She spent days in “pre-surgery” counseling talking about her food choices and how gastric banding surgery would leave her stomach no bigger than a golf ball, and make it uncomfortable for her to eat more than she needed.

In her final session, Lindley went into the “operating room” where she smelled antiseptics and heard sounds of the doctors and nurses talking. But, rather than go under anesthesia, Lindley had actually already been put under, using hypnosis.

Hours later she walked out of the “hospital” without a single incision having been made.

Lindley didn’t actually have—or want—gastric bypass surgery, she had hoped the hypnotists at the Elite Clinic in Marbella, Spain, could just convince her she had one so her body would not let her eat as much

The result? Lindley lost seventy pounds in the first five months after “surgery.” But, the one thing that wasn’t fake was the bill—about $1,100.

I’m going to kick my guidance counselor in the kidneys.

The “procedure” is called Gastric Mind Band Hypnosis, and it seems to be catching on in North America, with a clinic in Washington State charging a very real $1,400.

Science or Quackery?
I’m on board with the concept of the power of thought, and believe that the weight loss battle is won in the mind first and foremost. I also realize that hypnosis has been used successfully to break unhealthy habits.

That said, this procedure screams “excessive.” I would be willing to bet that this would be no more effective than regular hypnosis (skipping the whole fake surgery thing), or even more effective than plain old “free” mindset change techniques.

Is this as ridiculous as it seems, or am I missing something? What do you think?

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