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Nine Ways to Ensure Your Resolutions Stick

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Why is it that every year, millions of people make resolutions, and then two months later more than 90 percent of those resolutions don’t stick?

We can name many reasons:

  • Not enough willpower
  • Not enough strength
  • Too hard
  • Not enough time
  • Etc.

However, my belief is that none of the excuses mentioned above are valid. My belief is that these New Year’s “Resolutionists” are choosing ideas that are almost impossible to maintain for the rest of their life. So, they aren’t having fun, and they don’t reach out for enough help.

Therefore, the most important aspects to include when adopting new beliefs, new resolutions, and new lifestyles (or whatever you want to call it) is this:

  1. Choose something that you actually want to do the rest of your life
  2. Don’t worry about what Sally, Joe, Bob, or Sue are doing. You can only do you
  3. Pick changes that are fun!
  4. Get creative. Running is not necessarily the answer to all your prayers
  5. Try something new. How many times have you tried the same exact weight loss methods? Even if they seemed to have worked … they don’t really work, or you wouldn’t have to try them again!
  6. Get help (coach, friend, trainer, dog, etc.)!
  7. Life is not black and white. In other words, no more gym seven days a week with perfect eating, or no gym and diet full of fast food. Where is the grey area? How about working out two days a week, eating healthy, and enjoying whatever other foods you love?
  8. Put down the dieting books, pills, videos, or any other external source. Look inside yourself for the answers to your weight loss.
  9. Sign up for my complimentary webinar to shift the way you look at weight loss and your life!
This can be the last time you vow to lose weight. The power is in the choices you make today. How do you choose to live 2011? Struggling with your weight? Or empowered to live your ideal life, therefore effortlessly living in you ideal body? 


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