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Ninety Days to a Healthier Body: Day Five

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Food. Everybody loves it. More than that, we need it. For survival, yes, but also for social connection. Name a friend who you have never shared a meal with. A good friend. An in-person friend. Hell, I have a friend that lives in Chicago and we eat while talking on the phone all the time. Social connection. There’s a saying “you are what you eat.” It might be truer to say you are who you eat with. Let’s go beyond friends to family. “A family that eats together stays together,” yet we all know how gruesome some family holidays are. Is it because they have tried to force-feed family time only a few times a year? Now how about more intimate connections? Lovers. I hope that covers all of your romantic relationship. What would it be like to never eat a meal with a spouse? What if you are dating someone and three months in you still haven’t eaten together?

Food is about survival but it’s also about pleasure. It’s about connections with people. It is simply important. So when a diet changes, even a little change, other things change too. It’s why healthy changes to your daily food intake don’t always become a regular thing. When there is an avalanche effect, things get scary.

Five to six meals a day. That’s my goal. Healthy food (and some unhealthy ones too), but a balance throughout the day to fuel my body. It’s driving me crazy! I feel like all I’m doing is eating. Pre-“healthy ninety days,” my daily calorie in take was six to seven hundred calories. Yeah, I know. I cheated, at part of things and called it a serving. Remember not only was that a horrible way to eat but I was gaining wait. I just wasn’t hungry until 4 p.m. Then I would have half a meal and save the rest for dinner. Most of my calories came from drinks: coffee (which I adore), tea, some soda, juice, etc., etc. The calories that I didn’t drink were either wonderfully healthy food or fatty takeout. No balance.

After going to the doctors and giving them the list of foods I have eaten for two weeks, first I was advised “more meals.” The healthy food? Great. The unhealthy ones (like bacon cheeseburgers)? Make a healthy version at home or limit them. More healthy fat. More lean protein. Cut out some of the sugar. Bye-bye light ‘n’ sweet coffee. Hello coffee two sugars.

I keep a record on sparkspeople. It’s free. You can track your food intake, exercise, and measurements. You can see your progress and where you may need to make changes.

I am up to one thousand calories, which is an improvement. 

Do you know how many calories you eat a day? More importantly, are they healthy? Filled with vitamins and all the things your body needs to run? Or are they filled with things that make you sluggish?

Small changes turn into big ones.


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