Ninety Days to a Healthier Body: Day Nine

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Weight loss must equal insanity—it’s the only sensible answer. My emotions are spanning a range that my fever doesn’t explain. I can see the headlines now: “Weight Loss Causes Nervous Breakdown.”

Today started with restlessness. I haven’t been in the studio in days. I haven’t been out of the house for days. Getting a cup of coffee outside became extremely important. I left with a sweat jacket and a mile and a half later, I was getting a second cup to bring back to the studio. My body wanted to move and continue to move. I loved the idea … but I got little or no work done. My mind wouldn’t focus. 

I found myself going for another walk under the guise of “getting groceries” and later in the evening another walk “to clear my mind.”

It becomes increasing clear to me why people work their muscles to exhaustion. Don’t buy into that it helps muscle growth (it does), it is so your body doesn’t take over.

“Take me on a walk,” “You can go another mile,” “Oh come on …  no need to go back to the desk now.”

Damn body.

While movement isn’t too much of an issue, it really has never been. I always loved to walk and dance. Intensity is another story. I still haven’t gotten comfortable at the gym let along dying to be there. If I’m going for a healthy body, building muscle is important, so I am going to have to do more than walk around the neighborhood. 

Is moving your body having any emotional or mental effect? How about physical? What changes are happening?


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