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Ninety Days to a Healthier Body: Day One

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My husband kissed me this morning as he left for work, waking me from a beautiful dream. Oh crap, that means I missed my morning workout. I had set the alarm. Did I sleep through it? Nope, alarm never when off. 

Knowing that workouts are harder to get to after a long day, I scheduled as many workouts as possible. Like many things in life, this morning didn’t work out quite as planned. I missed the morning workout. Plans change. Flexibility is important.

It’s important to be clear what you want from a new way of eating and moving. In my own mind, they are broken down into three categories

Thinner: Losing weight. Simply the reduction of size or body part.

Fitter: Running a marathon, playing a sport, building muscle, doing that oh-so difficult yoga pose, etc. Achieving physical feats and increasing endurance (yep, in sex too).

Healthier: Strengthening our hearts, lowering our sugar levels, raising our lung capacities, reversing disease or preventing it, etc. Living longer lives and increasing our quality of life as we live.

These are three separate things. Let me explain.

Thin does not mean fit or healthy. Think of many of the models recently thrown off runways around the world.

Fit does not mean thin or healthy. Most football players are huge men that are fit but not thin. Everyone has read of an athlete of some sort who has died suddenly because of poor health. Boxers, for example, often suffer blows that damage their health, shortening the length or quality of their lives.

Healthy does not mean thin or fit. There are many overweight people that are perfectly healthy. Plenty of people not able to run a marathon that will live full lives well into their nineties or even hundreds.

Yes, I said it. Many overweight people are perfectly healthy. Researchers from the CDC and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) released a report analyzing the death records of 37,000 adults. Overweight people had no greater risk than normal-weight people of dying from cancer or heart attacks. In fact Dr Robert Eckel, past president of the American Heart Association, is quoted saying “Being overweight may not be associated with any risk of heart disease.”

So why the scary media reports? Overweight and obese are two different things. Obese people do have higher heath risks. Thirty percent of Americans are obese and the numbers are increasing. There is the important question of what is making you overweight? The cause of excess weight is what poses the real risk in health issues.

My purpose for the ninety days is first health. While I am healthy now, I want to continue to be healthy. Second, being fit. I have fantasies of running away and joining Cirque de Soleil. Lastly, I assume I will lose weight. I pretty much think it is impossible not to at my size.

My starting point is 298.5 pounds and fifty-five in waist. Weight fluctuates wildly for the littlest reason. Experiments done with a new postal scale years ago taught me a lot. Did you know you can lose two pounds going to the bathroom? Gain one from eating a chicken wrap? It fluctuates so much that it is just not a reliable enough way for me to measure my progress. It would be if thin alone were my goal, but it’s not. As I gain muscle from strength training, the scale will reflect that as weight gain. The best way to measure progress toward health and fitness goals is by paying attention to the progress your body makes and the measuring tape. I should lose inches around the waist. As I train and work out, I should be capable of more physically.

My goal is 130 pounds or a waist under thirty-two inches.

It has been over ten years since I have been “thin,” so I have no idea what I would look like as a size 10. No idea what 130 pounds would look like on my frame. Virtual model helped me with an after image. Unfortunately and embarrassingly, the program refused to make an avatar with my current weight stating simply, “We readjusted your weight to meet our minimum/maximum BMI (Body Mass Index).” They readjusted it to 275. To reach VM maximum weight, I have to lose 23.5 lbs first … wow, that’s sad.

Today I got a picture of my goals. I saw what I might look like (if I was a limited avatar). I walked two miles after leaving my studio. I ate a breakfast, a snack, and lunch. I planned dinner. It was a slow but steady start.

Where are you? Have you met your goals? Have you exercised today? What did you eat so far? How healthy was your day?


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