Ninety Days to a Healthier Body: Day Six

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I weighed myself today. Okay, I wasn’t going to until day eight, but I couldn’t resist. My shirts look looser. Could it be?

Maybe I should wait and tell you until day eight? Hell no. I started at 298.5 pounds and a fifty-five-inch waist and now … drums please … I’m 290.5 pounds and a fifty-three-and-a-half-inch waist. Cool, right? Eight pounds lost and one and a half inches.

First thought? Can’t be. So I weighed myself again. Out came the measuring tape too. Holy crap. I did lose the weight. Of course my mind immediately went into “Yeah, but” mode. Yeah, but it’s probably water weight. Yeah, but can you keep it up? Yeah, but even at this rate how long would it take you to get down to 130 pounds?”

Funny how when we get something we say we want we immediately fight it. Think of all the reasons we can’t have it or why it can’t be true. I tell my clients to push through this phase. It’s the only way that true change can happen.

Florence Shovel Shin has the perfect affirmation for this.

“Nothing is too good to be true”

“Nothing is too good to happen”

“Nothing is too good to last”

Seems silly but it works. I repeat these phrases. I tell my clients to say them and you know what? It always lightens the mental load. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to continue with the work.

So today I took an extra long walk. I chose a chicken wrap instead of the cheeseburger I was craving. I had wonton soup for dinner and in between, ate fruit.

How do you react at your first success? Do you enjoy it or push it away? How can you continue along the path you want to go?


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