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Ninety Days to a Healthier Body: Getting Better

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Antibiotics are making my skin ultra sensitive. Odd. I’m also craving fatty comfort food. Not so odd. While my clothes were loose a couple of days ago they fit snugger now. I’m most surprised by the difference a few days make. The truth is if I could feel the gain then the loss of weight should be just as impactful. Yet it isn’t.

Why when gaining a few pounds do I feel it yet I don’t feel the loss until I was at fourteen pounds? Is it a mental block? I wonder if that is true for a lot of overweight people. The loss of weight isn’t felt immediately. It would stand to reason that it is hard to get enthusiastic if you can’t feel the benefits of something. Seeing results helps drive us whether that is in a relationship, health or career. 

So how do you stay motivated when you don’t feel it? Better yet how do you stay motivated when you are sliding away from your goal? Today is a new day.

Simply the answer is today you have the choice of where you want to go. Forward towards your ambition or not. It could be that you might find a different goal, or even decide that the direction you are going in is wrong.

I sat there thinking of healthy comfort food and my mom’s chicken soup popped into my head. Healthy and comforting.

I called my mom. She makes the best chicken soup. It’s not the only “best” dish my mom makes. When I say my mom makes the best chicken soup I mean people go out of there way to get it.

The results of the conversation was being treated like a toddler. Moms are great at bringing you down to childhood. Apparently there is chicken in chicken soup. You can put as much water as you want. Instead of the play by play lets just say it’s simply—Chicken, water, star pasta (I refuse all other) salt and anything else I want to put in it … not really a secret family recipe.

Still it’s good to talk to my mom and ask her for something. She likes it. I get something out of it and later this week she will ask me if I want to know something else. Really. Ask advice on one thing and get advice on ten more. Moms are great like that. Frustrating like that too.

Being sick even for a little while makes me want to care for myself. Unfortunately that means craving some instant comfort. It’s easy to go to the unhealthiest of comforts. The are always cheap, pretty instant and waiting in the wings. Stress is the same. So this week I pick a healthy comfort. I will watch what I do and make a change, even if it is just slight. It’s about a long term solution not a band aid.

So what are your go to indulgence? Do you have a healthy comfort? Can you bring that into your life today or this week?


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