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No-Sweet Challenge

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Day One: Ready, Get Set, Go!

I am embarking on a fifty-day no-sweet challenge starting today. As the title suggests, it means I am challenging myself not to eat sweets, cookies, candies, chocolates, sodas or junk food for fifty days to help me in losing weight.

Why fifty days? 

I actually wanted to do it like Julie Powell when she did the Julie/Julia Project where she challenged herself to cook 536 recipes in 365 days. But 365 days is too long and being the procrastinator that I am, I would like to start on a short-term project that I believe I can finish. 

My fifty-day challenge will end on December 28, 2010, which is in time for our elementary reunion. I heard my former crush, who is now living in the United States, plans to attend our reunion. I haven’t seen him in fifteen years or more and he’s still single. Before, he had been telling me that he wants to dance with me during our reunion. I dreamt of that too. But now that’s he’s in a serious relationship, I don’t know if that will still happen. In fact, I heard he’s not sure about coming home because he has to see his girlfriend.

It’s not that I am after him … well, I admit I once entertained the idea that we could end up together someday but … how can a girl like me with 145-pound weight match to his bikini-model girlfriend? So, in case I attend the reunion and he’s there, I just want to feel good and look good, even if I am not in a relationship.  

Just to clear things, I am not actually doing this challenge only for him (well, he is part of it) but more of it is for myself. I wanted to look good for myself and finally lose those unwanted fats after so many attempts to do it.  

I believe loosing weight, when you really decide on it, will come easy, just like deactivating a Facebook account or just deciding not to eat rice.  

I deactivated my Facebook account on October 26, 2010, and haven’t activated it yet. I was hooked at it for quite sometime but I realized I’ve got too many friends online but at the end of the day, when you’re down and lonely, it’s just me and my family, but most of the time, it’s only me.

Maybe, soon, given the right motivation and inspiration, I would like to reconnect with my online friends again. For now, I just want to be with myself and concentrate on improving. As for not eating rice, well, it’s part of my diet.    

Well, let’s just see what happens. Coupled with proper diet and exercise, I know I can do this. So help me God.



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