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Personal Trainer Tips

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Many people prefer to use the knowledge and motivation provided by a personal trainer. They can measure fitness by using scientific assessments, educate their clients in proper techniques, and provide nutritional guidelines. When searching for a personal trainer, be choosy. The effective trainer’s motivation comes from serving their clients and not what their client can do for them. Personal trainers want to see you achieve your goals here are a few ideas shared by personal trainers:  Kari Henley, Cheryl Ingram, and Clint Phillips. 

1. Drink Lots of Water. The body needs water to function. We lose water regularly on a daily basis by breathing, sweating, and by eliminating waste (by going to the bathroom). Without the water, the body tries to compensate for this decrease by increasing the heart rate and blood pressure, however, this coping mechanism cannot last forever. Eventually, vital organs will be affected and will start to fail. These serious consequences can be easily prevented just by drinking enough water to make your urine light yellow.

2. Eat Five/Six Balanced Meals Per Day. Your body reacts to starvation diets or fasting by going into a protective mode which decreases calorie loss and stores fat. Eating smaller balanced meals more frequently will increase your metabolism. Counter-intuitive, but these personal trainers agree, that “it’s true!”

3. Focus on Resistance Exercises and Cardiovascular Exercise. Both these types of exercises help to burn more calories. Added benefits of cardiovascular exercises strengthens your heart, lungs and circulation which decreases your risks of heart disease, blood clots, strokes, even depression and stress. Personal trainers can calculate your maximum heart rate and get you onto the track for better fitness.


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