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Postmenopausal Women Better Not Sleep Too Long

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According to a study published this week, regularly getting nine hours or more of sleep per night may increase the risk of stroke in postmenopausal women. The 5 percent of the 93,000 women studied, who were aged 50 to 79, claimed they get nine hours or more of sleep nightly and that’s the same group that had a 60 to 70 percent higher risk of stroke compared to women who get seven hours of sleep a night. There appears to be an increased stroke risk among women who got six hours of sleep a night or less, but the effect was smaller, only 14 percent higher.

Some 4 percent reported getting nine hours while 1 percent said they get 10 hours or more. This is the group whose husbands, clearly, have not sparked to the online Viagra opportunities.

The experimenters don’t appear to have factored in trips to the kitchen and bathroom, which many of us post-menopausal women like to think of as aerobic activity.


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