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The Pregnancy Project by Tracy Anderson

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Ever wonder why Tracy Anderson’s clients have ageless physiques? Celebrity client Gwyneth Paltrow has had two kids but still looks as fit as when she was 21. Her secret weapon is fitness workout guru Tracy Anderson. Anderson, a trained professional dancer, helped the Oscar winning actress shed 20 pounds in just two weeks after gaining weight for her movie Country Strong. Personal workouts with Anderson and her trainers can be costly but now you can benefit from her method at home thanks to her DVDs.

Anderson has recently launched her new DVD called “The Pregnancy Project” to be released in October 2012. The program features Anderson during her second pregnancy. She demonstrates how her famous technique can keep a mom-to-be in shape during the nine months when weight gain is inevitable. Keeping muscles toned and taut during a pregnancy also helps shed the weight after the baby is born and maintains strength throughout the expectancy period. It’s designed to bounce back into pre-pregnancy shape in no time.

Part of Anderson’s popular “Metamorphosis” series is her focus on smaller muscles that create a tighter silhouette. The purpose of Anderson’s method is to defy genetics and your body type, especially those who are mesomorphs with a tendency to gain weight easily. Anderson herself struggled with a bulkier frame during her early days as a young dancer in New York when no amount of cardio helped her lose weight. Using her knowledge of anatomy she was able to transform her frame and now brings her knowledge to others for the same results. The series is specific to body type and makes sure a person is working the right muscles to create a dancer like body. All you need is a yoga mat and three pound hand weights for resistance exercises.

Paltrow herself was so impressed in Anderson’s method that she invested in her company to bring the world famous workout to women unable to train with Anderson or her trainers. According to her website, Anderson gained 60 pounds during her first pregnancy 13 years ago and became pregnant again in 2012. She is featured in the “Pregnancy Project” which includes specific workouts for the expecting mom-to-be and guidance from doctors and clients. This is a not-to-miss product for any woman looking forward to a new baby and wants to stay in shape during and after delivery.


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