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Pressure To Be Thin: Acupressure, That Is

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I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. You name a diet, I’ve tried it: I’ve been in The Zone, I’ve called Jenny, I’ve eaten cabbage soup, I’ve sworn off carbs. And, it’s all worked—for a while. Then, inevitably, I’d find myself putting the weight back on—plus a little bit more. After about thirty years of dieting, all that I had to show for it was about thirty extra pounds.

Roughly a year and a half ago, as I found my 5'3" frame approaching a size fourteen, I was ready to jump on the diet wagon again. Call it serendipity, coincidence, whatever—but, just as I was wondering which diet wagon to jump on this time, my friend Lorraine and I ran into her neighbor, Barb. Barb, it turned out, was just embarking on a new career with the Accu Weight-Loss System

By combining acupressure, breathing, and diet, the Accu Weight-Loss System seemed to offer a way to lose weight rapidly—and keep it off permanently. Barb stressed that it wasn’t for everybody. But, I was intrigued enough to learn more—so was my friend.

A week later, Lorraine and I showed up at Barb’s for our orientation. We learned about the tiny beads that would be taped behind our ears at different acupressure points and how, by applying pressure to these beads, we could apparently trick our bodies into feeling full and lower our set points. We learned about Chi Gong breathing, which was supposed to energize us. And, we learned about the diet.

At this point, I realized what Barb meant when she said that it “wasn’t for everybody.” The diet aspect was pretty extreme: we would only be ingesting fruits and vegetables or milk, depending on the day. I often joked that I lived on Starbucks’s lattes—but, on this diet, it would actually be true. Still, it sounded better than cabbage soup. Lorraine and I both decided to give it a go.

The first couple of days were rough. I rubbed my beads and breathed, but I was tired—and starving. Lorraine phoned me at one point and said that she was ready to eat her arm, and I agreed. But, I toughed it out, and by the third day, something happened. I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t tired. I felt…good. And, I had already lost four pounds.

Over the next eight weeks, I dropped a total of thirty pounds, went from size twelve to a six, and had enough energy to run four or five miles every day. And, here’s the best news: it’s a year and a half later, and I’ve kept it off. I really did lower my set point.

It really isn’t for everybody. Lorraine quit after a few weeks and went back to Weight Watchers, which worked much better for her. But, if you’re looking to lose weight, and you’re looking to try something new, it might be worth looking into the Accu Weight-Loss System.


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