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Like Putting Water in your Gas Tank

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There are so many times that I hear people say, “WOW, I just feel tired and awful all the time.” When you question them on what they are putting in their “gas tanks” you get a lot of hmm, well, and “you see.” Putting fuel into your body is no different than putting fuel into your vehicle. If you want your body to function at maximum output, you need to give it what it needs to deliver power!

Your body today, is actually no different than it was in caveman times. Your body was made to process food—real food. Not chemicals. Not sugar. Not junk food. Your body craves the same type of unrefined real food that cavemen ate. The processes within your body have not evolved or changed like a new model of a car. They remain unchanged and are not upgrading to keep up with the new indigestible chemicals, dyes, and genetically engineered techo-foods we are woofing down in place of real food.

The metabolic processes our bodies counts on to give us fuel factor into every aspect of our lives. Many of today’s diseases are unfortunately a direct result of our poor nutrition and our inattention to giving our bodies what they really need to “power up.”
Just like you wouldn’t put a gallon of water into your fuel tank, you need to re-assess what you are giving your body. 

Many food items today contain chemicals that our bodies simply cannot break down. Your body in essence looking back at you saying, “ok what the heck do you want me to do with this?” The physical manifestation can be stomach upset, headache, body aches, or more serious disease. 

The toxic buildup in our bodies due to faux-foods results in malnutrition. Seriously. There are literally millions of people walking around today, feeling sick because they are actually malnourished. In a country where we have farmlands as far as they eye can see, most people are opting for fast food, processed food, and junk food that is literally indigestible by our bodies. Your body has nothing to breakdown to gain the nutrition it needs to feed your brain, organs, metabolic systems, and other body functions.

The metabolic system within our body is made to breakdown food to fuel our energy systems. If you are continually feel tired or sick, you need to take a close look and determine if you are really giving your body the real, unprocessed food it needs to keep you running at optimal power levels. When you ingest chemicals that cannot be broken down by your body you are tired, you feel sick, and you develop disease. You may be looking at your family who all feel the same way and asking, why. But the answer is sitting right in front of you in a bag, box, takeout window, or delivery car. Factor in an overabundance of sugar and you really have “the perfect storm” for disaster.

So, here’s the deal with sugar. When you overload your body with sugar it is spending it’s time trying to deal with the influx of glucose instead of doing what it needs to do to keep you strong and vibrant. Your insulin levels simply cannot keep up with the demand and you develop Type II Diabetes. Ever hear the term sugar spike? It’s true. you body will respond to the huge influx of sugar by giving you a momentary rush of glucose energy. However, that energy will go just as fast as it showed up and you will actually be more tired than before you reached for that sweet treat.

So what do you eat? 

Look for color. Vegetables come in amazing colors and have tremendous benefits to every inch of your body. White—by the way is a color you want to avoid. when thinking bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes think the fall colors—brown and orange. Whole Grains and Sweet Potatoes. 

If you are not a Vegetarian, keep your consumption of high fat meats to a minimum. Fish is a great alternative, but steer clear of farm-raised anything! When it comes to fish think fresh-caught and natural not chemically engineered! Same for meat—be sure you are buying products that state no there are no added hormones. 

But ya gotta have some fun! Absolutely! There are so many tasty treats on the market today flavored with Agave Nector and other natural forms of more absorbable sugars. A trip to a natural grocery or a good browsing session on sites such as Eating Well, EatBetterAmerica and Cookinglight can offer great alternatives to traditional dessert recipes.

So how can you make small changes that add up to big benefits? 

Get yourself and your family moving. What do you really do with thirty to sixty minutes of your day that couldn’t be upgraded to a walk? 

Make a list of ways you can transition habits of eating into new habits of health. Take your favorites and don’t get rid of them just make them healthier. There are healthy ways to make most junk food favorites. Set aside some time everyday to learn how to change one meal everyday—and then do it! In seven days you will have upgraded seven meals and so on!

Get to the Dr. If you have health insurance you may very well be able to have your Dr. recommend you to a nutritionist where you can gain insight into what healthy foods actually are and what you really need to do gain a healthy lifestyle.

Now is the time to really take a look at yourself a your family. How are you really doing? Are you feeling as good as you could? If you know that things could be better—what are you waiting for? Make the changes today that can deliver an incredible future now and down the road! 

Don’t feed and maintain your car better than you feed yourself or your family! 


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