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Reaching My Peak on the Barcalounger Bike

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I went to the gym this morning and rode the stair stepper. I say rode because that thing takes me for a ride every time. I nearly broke my arm on it last week when I cranked up the intensity; I thought it was the volume button. I found out pretty quickly how fast my little legs would carry me.

 So I guess you could say I returned to the machine to battle my demons and my bulge—sort of a two for one deal. I tried to read while I was on the thing but my eyesight is going. My fashionable reading glasses don’t work because I am too far away from the page. One time I tried to step and read with my glasses and I almost barfed up my breakfast.

When I had stepped 100 floors, got my heart rate up to 160 and burned 346 calories, I decided to move to the recumbent bike. It should be called the barcalounger bike. I love this piece of “exercise equipment” because I can hold my magazine one inch from my face and really get some reading done. Also it’s good for my ego. The only other people on the recumbent are the eighty year-old’s who are barely peddling which somehow makes me feel faster, in better shape, and young again.

I rode a while and read awhile, my heart rate hovered around 90, which is better than the 65 I would achieve by laying on the couch reading.  I was captivated by an article from an old soiled New Yorker I found at the bottom of a pile of magazines next to the bike.  It rocked my world and I can highly recommend it to every writer over thirty out there.

The piece by Malcolm Gladwell called “Late Bloomers Chronicles” the people who came to their craft late. It nearly saved my writing career … do I have a writing career? Robert Frost didn’t peak until he was fifty-ish. Alfred Hitchcock didn’t get his grove on until he was in his mid fifties. Cezanne didn’t hit it big until after he was sixty.

Earlier this morning I was thinking it might be time to hang it up on the writing front and become a cafeteria lady at my son’s school or a Pilates teacher at the old folks home in my neighborhood. After reading the article I have hope that I can still peak beyond the mommy years. Thank god for the barcalounger bike!


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