Reflexology: A Pathway to Wellness

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Who doesn’t love a good foot and hand massage? Foot Reflexology has been around for centuries. We have writings from Egyptian tombs which mention bodywork with footwork being among them and evidently a very common form of massage.

Not only does it feel amazing, Reflexology ascribes to the theory that our feet and hands are a mirror image of our body’s organs and systems. The idea is that we have pressure sensors in our hand and feet that connect with different parts of our body. It is the practice of applying pressure to these specific points to influence wellness in the corresponding parts of the body that Reflexology is all about! These pressure sensors in your hands and feet are stimulated with massage, causing the body to relax and feel rejuvenated.

People who choose Reflexology are generally those who are seeking a natural, drug-free alternative to issues they are having. Reflexology is useful as an aid in recovery from injury and surgery.

Feel odd about someone working on your feet? Well, don’t! Massage therapists believe feet are beautiful! One of the hardest working parts of your body, your feet require pampering that most don’t take the time for, but should! In a typical Reflexology session, you will be lying face up, covered for warmth and comfort, your feet resting either on a bolster or on the massage table. Your therapist is interacting with you , getting feedback on pressure points and tender spots. You will be relaxing to soothing music as your feet are scrubbed, massaged, and pampered. It’s a wonderful feeling!

Your therapist may also add a paraffin, a warm wax covering for your hands and feet, which are then wrapped in a heated mitten to keep in the heat and moisture. This feels wonderful to anyone suffering from arthritis, joint pain, and soreness.


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