Reiki and High Blood Pressure

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Reiki and Blood Pressure

Blood pressure issues? Many sources show that Reiki can help. According to eHow Health, high blood pressure affects millions of men and women all over the world.

eHow says: “Reiki, an ancient form of Japanese touch therapy, is used to lower blood pressure. During therapy, a Reiki practitioner simply touches you to reduce your blood pressure.”

This is partly because blood pressure imbalances are believed to be an imbalance in the body’s energy. Reiki helps to bring body energy back into balance, allowing blood pressure levels and other body functions back into balance.

Health Central says, “It is possible to reduce high blood pressure with Reiki. The concept is not well known, but effective never-the-less.”

According to Cardiologist Dr. Armughan Riaz, “. . .. Reiki, which is an ancient form of Japanese touch therapy. It is a holistic therapy and purports to stimulate positive energy in the body with the help of hand movements and touch. Reiki is commonly used to treat high blood pressure, anxiety, asthma and addictions.”

Some of the most compelling evidence comes from the Continuum of Health & Healing, where clinical studies are listed that show that Reiki eases anxiety, depression, improves immune function and lowers blood pressure (blood pressure reference: Hartwell, B and Brewitt, B. “The Efficacy of Reiki Hands on Healing: Improvement in Adrenal, Spleen and Nervous Function as Quantified by Electro-Dermal Screening.” Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. 3(4): 89. July, 1997).

There are many other web sources that back up this information. As you can imagine, it’s easy to measure blood pressure before and after a Reiki session, making the benefits of Reiki for blood pressure easy to determine.

As an integrative Reiki Practitioner, I like to give the body several sources of vibration to tap into to support balanced energy. One of the sources I add is the energy of crystals and stones.

Some of the stones that help to balance blood pressure are the energies of Tourmaline, Aventurine and Charoite .

All of these stones are grounding and supportive of the Heart Chakra, but for this article I will focus on Charoite. Charoite is a lovely purple stone flecked with gold color that has only been known to the world since the late 1970s as an energetic tool.

Charoite is called a 'stone of transformation', sending vibrations that help your body make any changes that are necessary, including raising low blood pressure or lowering high blood pressure.

Remember, the key is to make a deep connection with the Charoite or other stone energy, to focus on the area of concern and encourage the change that needs to be made. As Reiki Practitioners we don’t ‘make’ anything happen. We simply create space for the body to correct itself.

To use in a Reiki session: Place Charoite, Tourmaline and/or Aventurine beneath the Reiki table and use Byosen Scanning to determine if/where the chosen stones need to be placed on the body. Send Reiki over, remaining open to Words of Life from the Universe that remind the body that change is possible, balance and homeostasis is normal and that regulating our own bodies is a skill we are all born with that our society has forgotten about.

With Reiki and stone energy, the body receives strong signals helping it to remember how to keep blood pressure at healthy levels. This helps to set a new ‘normal’ so that blood pressure and blood vessel health is stable.




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