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I never forget the day when I started becoming friend with a friend of my sister who lived in Florida. I remember every other day he would call me and say, “Did you go running today?” As humorous and funny as he was I knew I didn’t take him seriously, thinking to myself, are you kidding, me?!! Running, I couldn’t even imagine myself doing that, so much as doing that!! Living in Dallas, Texas with the changing weather constantly either too hot or too cold or windy or something, I repeatedly said to my new friend, no, no, no, I am not the running type; I simply could not see such capability in me. I blamed it on the weather, fatigue whatever you could think of to get myself off the hook!

He never gave up on his enthusiasm or forced his idea on me rather with his charm and light humor was able to make me become softer and softer, he cracked jokes and made me laugh which I thought was great medicine to my fatigue and lack of energy situation.

One morning I remember he called and I was in bed not having energy to get up and feeling depressed and lethargic that he with the same enthusiasm always had said, “Go running” in that second as I heard those two words, something shifted in me as if this was my doorway to heaven which I didn’t know at the time.

tI immediately got out of bed, put on my running clothes on and wore my running shoes and ran out of the house to the near running track, at first I had to walk because it had been almost a year since I had worked out and just one week prior I had done some yoga and Zumba, that was all the work out I had done for almost a year. After getting warm-up for fifteen minutes, I started running and what an experience, I was feeling joy and I was feeling pain coming out of my body, my cell phone fell out of my pocket, I saw people looking at me the way I was running since I was making so much noise running, it was a total new territory for me and oh, my God, didn’t I just loved it, at one point my key chain fell out of my pocket, I managed to do three one minute run and one three minutes run and I was sweating, blood was running wild under my skin and I was feeling warmth on my face, it was such an incredible experience. I kept on running everyday from that point on and my whole body chemistry has started to change, it has been only one week since I have been consistent with my running and I continue doing it since I have observed great results with it.

So if you feel like you are low in energy, RUN, if you feel like you are depressed, RUN, if you feel like you don’t feel good, RUN, if you feel like you don’t have a valentine’s date, RUN and keep running every day, it is amazing how something so simple can change the course of your life as it did mine. So just keep running for any reason you like. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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