Running on the Beach

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The healthy activity that I love to do is run. I used to enjoy the freedom of lacing up my running shoes and strapping my daughter into the stroller and taking a jog. I still do this often but I often trade my running shoes for bare feet. Yes, I go barefoot … on the sand! Want to get a great workout? Run on the beach. My husband and daughter love to chase each other on our many amazing sandy Hawaiian beaches.

Laird Hamilton, professional surfer, knows the joy and benefits from doing this. “Your foot’s natural range of motion is complex. Putting it in a fixed platform, such as a shoe, is like strapping a two-by-four to your leg. As many runners are discovering, shoes can actually de-condition feet. That weakness leads to decreased performance and increased injury, which is why many athletes are now incorporating barefoot training into their workouts.” Force of Nature

Don’t live by a beach? That’s okay, focus less on trying to exercise and more on having fun. Rake some leaves and jump into them with you kids. Play a game of tag, go skiing. Basically, just move but have fun.

Happy Aloha Friday!


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