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Iam a 52 year old women who spent ten of the last fourteen years woundering what was wrong with me. It took all that time to find out what it was and how I could fix it. On my 38th birthday, I was at work and all of a sudden I got really light headed, I thought I was going to faint. I went to the hospital, no answer they wanted me to " as they say follow up with my family doctor". As you can guess my doctor said he believed it was my sinus. I accepted that. So I spent the next week taking sinus medicine. Second reason for my problem, Diabeties. And come to find out I am a diabetic. I just knew that was what was wrong with me. But even with my sugar under control I still had the same problem. It got so bad I didn't leave my house for three months, not even to walk my dog. All my life I have been a strong women, this took over my body and my mind. The spells as I like to call them got so bad I really could not take it anymore. When my doctor did more blood work he found out that I had a chemical inbalance. I was suffering from anxiety attacks. Known better as panic attacks, I felt like I was going to faint, have a heart attack, just fall out. Each time it happened it lasted for about twenty minutes. It kept me from going outside of my house, when I did try to go out it got one hundred times worse. I felt scared all day everyday of my life for almost ten years. I was taking xanax to help stop the attacks, It helped but the feeling was so strong I still could not go out. After a while I started to try to go out, I had to have someone go with me, sometimes that didn't work.
The medicans I took did help but the only thing that helped the most was me. It took me years to figure out how to control my attacks. Some people may laugh but if you sit down really try to clear your head and breath deeply. It's called smell the roses and blow out the candles, breath in and smell the roses breath out and blow out the candles. I would sit there and do this until I felt better. I started doing it where and when ever I needed to. If I can help one person who is going through this, to make their life better then telling my story was the right thing to do. Today I control my life again, there are really good days and there are other days when I have to work at it. But my life is so much better than before. I feel more like the old me, the women I really liked. And I am here to stay.


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