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The Secret of Weight Loss

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Recently, I have been listening to the Law of Attraction CDs in my car. Naturally, as a result of listening to these CDs, I have been talking about them. As I have been talking about them, I noticed that a lot of people have read The Secret. I am actually surprised to learn how many people have read this book about the law of attraction, as I have yet to read it. But the interesting thing is, all these people have read the book, and yet, I hear the same language: “the economy this ... the economy that ... I can’t lose weight ... I need more money...” And we all know based on the law of attraction, where your attention goes, energy flows. Last time I checked we don’t want, a bad economy, weight gain, or less money.

So if we know this, why don’t we change? I have the magical answer for you ... change sucks. That’s right, I said it, change is freakin’ hard!! Think about the last time you put yourself in a very uncomfortable situation. Like, heart pounding out of the chest, wanting a paper bag to breathe in or barf in, not sure of what the outcome is going to be situation? Those uncomfortable situations instill change, and that is how the law of attraction works.

For example, let’s say you want more money. So the law of attraction says you need to concentrate on already having the money. To get uncomfortable and to put this step into action what if you ... spend money? That sure does tell the universe that you believe you already have money. But it can’t be a gut wrenching, tear the dollars from my hand spending, it needs to be a gracious, confident deliverance of money. Perhaps to a charity. If you have $25 in your bank account and you give $10 to a charity, you are definitely getting uncomfortable and telling the universe you are ready to receive.

How about for weight loss? Based on the law of attraction, you have to act as if you are already are at your goal weight. This means feeling the emotions that you wish to feel, now. So what if you went to the salon and got a brand-new hairstyle to up your confidence, or jumped into a spin class never having done it before but knowing that everyone walking out looks like they love it. Or maybe you go to the mall and buy a brand-new outfit to wear to work tomorrow. These situations are uncomfortable; they are pushing you and they are telling the universe that you are ready to receive weight loss.

Here is the thing: this secret is very simple. If you feel a negative emotion, change it until you feel a positive emotion. That means if you think, “I need more money” and you feel bad, you need to change that thought to induce a positive emotion. If you think, “I need to lose weight” and you feel bad, you need to change your thinking. I know change sucks, I know it is hard, but it is always well worth it. The good news is, you never have to do this alone. There are coaches for everything out there and this is their area of expertise. Helping my clients through change is the number one way I get results, so if you are too afraid to ask for help or to pay for help, pay attention to how that feels ... you might need to get A LOT uncomfortable.



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