Sex Needs Better PR

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Sex needs better public relations. (which will be referred to as PR from now on) Public Relationss, often referred to as PR, gains an organization or individual exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment. I will do this  work for free and the fact that no one is beating the door down to sponsor  SOMA (Showing Off My Assets) and my campaign to give sexuality a makeover. I am on record as saying that we need a team of advertisers and public relation types to get on board and make healthy and normal sexuality here in the United States (and I am sure other places too) just a part of life.  No need for the “dirty little secrets” or embarrassment regarding the whole issue. Now you might be thinking, how will I do this? As usual I have a plan to boost “my favorite pastime” to the place where it ought to be in society. Just think of me as the heroine for sexuality, baby!

The days of sexuality being dirty or seedy are hopefully days of the past with this new PR plan. Our goal is to: Provide society a chance to see what a healthy sexual relationship with yourself or a partner can be like, without the feelings of guilt and shame that have been associated with sexuality in our culture for many years. 

It might be a basic goal but any goal that puts sexuality into a more positive light is a step in the right direction.  Sex education is the goal.   This is  regarding school instruction  but a sex education, which is sometimes called sexuality education or sex and relationships education, is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships, and intimacy. Our target audience, men, women, and everyone in-between. We can’t leave anyone out of this equation.

I have never claimed to be a public relations aficionado but my life experiences and professional experiences have led me to the conclusion that when we don’t discuss sexuality in a healthy way and don’t have a vision of what that looks like it begins oozing into many areas of society which it need not go. Being able to have a healthy and positive self-image of your body and your own sexuality benefits us all. Healthy sexuality involves:

  • the ability to talk about sexual relationships not in a tawdry way but in a way that promotes sexuality as a part of life
  • the ability to ask for or give yourself  what satisfies your own sexual needs
  • the maturity of the two people involved to understand the choice being made when engaging in this intimate activity
  • the confidence to believe that we as humans are designed by God (or whatever your belief system encompasses on this matter) for a healthy sexual relationship with each other

Stepping down off  the soapbox for the moment and just giving you some points to consider. Healthy sexuality here in the United States has been pushed underground and for that reason alone comes oozing to the top whenever there is the smallest crack. Take a minute to think about how great this gift of sexuality is to all of us.  Promote the healthy sexuality that or society has taken from us and let’s enjoy the gift! ( I know I am going to.)

A Web site which has a lot more information on things promoting sex education is edfantasys. There is something for everyone on the site and you can click on those things you are interested in and ignore parts you may not be interested in. I found this at their Web site, called Sex Is… and wanted to include it:

Sex is … discovery.
Sex is … finding out who you truly are.
Sex is … putting on masks to reveal your true face.
Sex is … body magic.
Sex is … of the soul.
Sex is … peace.
Sex is … your own private art.
Sex is … music.
Sex is … you.
Sex is … them.
Sex is … us.
Sex is … creativity.
Sex is … joy.
Sex is … anything you want it to be and more.
Sex is … last night.
Sex is … tonight.
Sex is … now.
Sex is RIGHT here and RIGHT now.

I am charging you my readers to go out there and work on the PR for healthy sexuality and carry the banner of this cause. Did I also mention that it might also be fun? Love to hear your reactions to this or any post. I would not be Showing Off My Assets if I didn’t make you think, would I?


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