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She Was Only Seventy-Four

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I recently went to the gym and was paired next to a woman on the treadmill. I follow gym etiquette so I said my usual “hello” and started my brisk run-walk. I force myself to run-walk every day for thirty minutes. I am half way done with my routine when my treadmill neighbor asks me where I am from and how long have I lived at the complex.

I give her the usual reply, “I’m from Virginia. I have lived here about three years.”

I ask her the same and we go into our life stories, which is something I dislike because I like to get into my own mind at the gym. I am really not into talking and working out at the same time. I tend to attract “loquacious talkers” so I have to be careful who I converse with. But, she seemed delightful so I let her tell me about her four kids, recent divorce, and her love of cooking.

Our conversation turned around when she told me she was seventy-four years old. I know we have all heard about these beautiful people and read the yearly story in Essence Magazine about ageless beauties. But, this woman looked to be fifty years old.

Her body was aged but toned. Her voice was strong and not wearily. Her eyes sparkled and I could not find a wrinkle on her face. She had an electric energy about her. She was the cutest person. I asked her about her life. What do you do? How do you stay ageless? She advised that she works out every day and she eats a lot of vegetables. She also said that she constantly stays positive. “I deal with my troubles and I move on,” she advised.

She and I talked a bit more and then my thirty minutes were up. I bid her farewell, and then she asked me why do I only walk for thirty minutes? I shamefully told her that’s all I can handle. She advised, “You should do the elliptical and the bike for ten minutes. It makes a difference. You are young. You can handle it!”

I felt a Divine intervention moment brewing as if God was talking through her. She was a great walking testimony for me and understanding the importance of exercise at any age. So, now I add an extra twenty minutes to my work out routine with hopes to look as good as her at seventy-four.


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