Should Junk Food Marketing Be Regulated?

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McDonald’s and the like have never been more popular with children even though millions are being spent to inform and persuade parents to make better food choices for their kids.

The reason being, Fast food chains are spending billions marketing their products to children and quite frankly they do a much better job.

What kid doesn’t want a free toy from the latest Pixar movie or win a chance to meet Justin Bieber? It is believed that one out of three trips to a fast food restaurant is because of children nagging their parents to take them.

Who can blame parents for giving in when life is so hectic sometimes and it’s just easier to give in, get the kids fed, and keep them happy, especially as their children are bombarded by marketing from just about every media outlet available.

So why aren’t junk food ads marketed to children regulated by a government who is spending mega tax payer dollars on fighting childhood obesity? They certainly have regulated other consumer marketing such as cigarettes and more recently products containing alcohol.

The government’s official stance on this issue states that they are relying on the industry to self-regulate, but it doesn’t seem like they are changing any of their practices other then to quit giving schools free happy meal coupons for kids who get good report card grades.

Just like cigarette companies who know if they can hook people on smoking while they are young then there’s a good chance they’ll have a customer for life, fast food chains have a similar philosophy, but who can blame them as the survival of their company depends on life long customers.

The group Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood is tired of kids being brainwashed by marketing that directly targets them and has a lot of good information and resources that parents can use to help put a stop to it. To vote in our poll, visit

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