Silly Body Myths: Word on the Web

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It turns out that mom was right about a few things: getting sleep actually does make us feel better and drinking water helps to even out our complexion. However, in a world saturated by constant mixed messages, it’s hard to determine which health information is correct and which is myth. This week, we thought we’d shed some light on mysterious—even astonishing—truths about our bodies. 

Your friends say it’s safe to double dip in the salsa bowl … but is it? Will birth control work if you’re also on antibiotics? Scientists discuss eleven interesting medical myths that will surprise you. (New York Times

Next time you want to borrow your roommate’s dress, get on her good side—her right side, that is. According to a recent study, the right ear is the friendlier of the two. (LemonDrop) 

Are you scared that cell phones cause cancer? Do you avoid pasta like the plague? Are you detoxifying on a regular basis? Find out which of these are health myths and which are medically proven. ( 

Some of us rely on the pill to prevent cramps and babies (most of the time), but did you know it can also curb hair loss and bulimia? Check out these eight secrets about the pill. ( 

We blamed alcohol, late night pizza, and the endless cafeteria buffet for our weight gain in college. But is it true that beer makes our bellies fat? ( 

Our parents complain that their memory gets worse by the day, but age may not imply automatic brain decline. Read about the ten common misconceptions on the body’s most important organ: the brain. ( 

Munching on an apple? Eating the peel reduces risk of breast cancer. Print out this list of five surprising health facts and stick it on your refrigerator for a daily reminder.


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