The Simple Secret to Happiness

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In my life, I have experienced a heavy load of ups and downs. And this is one thing I do know: Happiness is always on the mind. We think about it when we have it, when we don’t, and when we believe it’ll never be there again. It has taken me a long time to figure out the secret, and when I did I couldn’t believe how simple it was. If you can stop looking at happiness as a destination, you’ll witness yourself become much more light and peaceful.

When you ask most people what they want most in life, or what ultimate goal they want to reach— they’ll probably say “to find happiness.” This is a charming thought and very wishful thinking, but it’s only going to make it harder on yourself to feel happy. As humans we believe that if we find the perfect significant other, career, and American dream— that we will reach the land of happiness and reside there forever, in complete and utter bliss. And right there is the biggest culprit. As soon as you start looking at it as a place, an ultimate destination— you’re in big trouble. Happiness is a state of being, a mood— merely just a human condition.

Don’t you ever get hungry? Your stomach rumbles, your mind craves, and then you eat. But once you eat it doesn’t stay satisfied forever— hunger comes again and again. It honestly goes the same for being content or happy. A sunny day, getting a raise, taking your child to the circus— these are all joyous things. They are events that bring you delight, just as a sandwich does to your stomach when you’re hungry. And it doesn’t matter how great it feels, that will disappear after a while. Please remember that happiness comes and goes, and that it’s supposed to do that.

Keep in mind that your happiness will never be a place in your life but rather moments. And just how it’s more than okay to feel that amazing emotion, it’s also okay to feel the negative ones too. Don’t feel like you’re being selfish when you need to cry or take a moment to scream, just because you have many things to feel blessed for. If you don’t take the time to be scared, sad, angry, or whatever else sometimes— you will never appreciate the times you feel full of laughter and contentment. Happiness is nothing more than a state of being, and if you accept that— you might just feel it show up more often.


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