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Six Small Meals a Day Will Cause Weight Loss

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Weight Loss—(1300 Calorie) Plan
When selecting a low fat diet plan, make sure you are getting a balanced and complete diet full of everything you will need to fuel your body. You will need to set realistic goals so you will get where you want to be. You can start by following some guidelines I listed below.

Guidelines for a nutritional, low fat diet:
1. You must commit to consuming six small meals a day. I consider a snack for the smaller meals. 

2. To succeed, you are going to have to plan ahead. Pack your foods the night before. You will need to always have low-fat foods around. 

3. Don’t get too caught up on the specifics of your diet. Keep it simple. Start by simply just counting calories. 

4. Eat your food slower. This will help you enjoy your food 

5. Make healthier food selections like vegetables, whole grain cereals, and beans, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, low fat meats, fish, and skinless poultry. Don’t forget the fruit. Two to four fruits a day is best when wanting the pounds to shed off. 

6. You must avoid foods that are high in fat and calories. 

7. Avoid foods that are high in sugars such as pastries, candy bars, pies and candy. Give these up and you will feel great after a few weeks. Sweets once in awhile are ok. Just not daily. Once a week you can have a free day where you are careful but can have what you want. I usually choose Friday because my family has movie night so we do have some snacks and pizza. I only have one piece of pizza and one treat. If I am still hungry I get out the veggies and munch away. 

8. Use a variety of vegetables and fruits in your nutrition plan. Start by trying to eat five total vegetable servings and two to three servings of fruit every single day. Dark veggies are best. 

Here is a sample low fat diet plan (1300 calories): 

Each morning before you eat anything have an 8 ounce class of water. 

1 egg or 2 egg whites scrambled
1 tablespoon peanut butter—creamy
1 piece of wheat bread 

A.M. Snack
1 each apple-medium with peel. Very small handful of almonds. 

P.M. Snack
A few handfuls of carrots and a piece of string cheese.


3 ounces chicken breast/white meat
1 large salad. Garden with tomato and red onion
4 teaspoons Thousand Island, reduced calorie or four teaspoon of reduced calorie Italian dressing 

P.M. Snack
1 medium apple with peel or 1 medium orange 

3 ounces chicken breast
1 cup wheat pasta, corn cooked or green beans
1 small salad-small. Garden with tomato and onion

If you will be at the office or gone for the whole day you need to pre-plan your meals ahead of time. You will want to take everything will you so you have no room to fall. Doing this for yourself is important. I know life can get ever so busy it’s so easy just to giving in. Don’t do it. If you plan out your day the night before you more likely stick to your plan. 

Be good to yourself, you deserve it!

This is how I got the eighty pounds off. You can do it. The first few weeks are hard. After that your body adjusts to eating healthy when you do eat something greasy or sweet your body will tell you to stop soon after you start.

Good luck and if you need any help or motivation leave me a comment with your e-mail address or URL and I will be glad to be there for you. 

In about two weeks you will really start to notice a difference. Once the weight starts shedding off you will be motivated by that and want to continue.


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