Six Steps: How to Obtain Optimal Health and Wellness, Part 1

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I remember this phrase from my spiritual mentor: “Eighty-five percent of human diseases are rooted from their emotions.” In fact, before I went over with this article, there was part of me debating why emotions have anything to do with thousands of diseases that people in this era would possibly have. All I knew was that these diseases could only be taken from toxic foods we intake every day, by eating preservatives, processed foods, and those foods considered unclean foods in the Bible. This time you will learn different kinds of toxins that eat you up and because of these toxins many were sick. And many sick people ask God to heal them.

I wanted to put emphasis on the matter that aside from unhealthy foods, we must also pay attention to the emotions that dwell in our heart, in our mind, and in our soul. We have to take responsibility in nourishing the proper emotions in our body. “Soul dictates us to be sick and weak, and our body obeys!” This explains why people who are always carrying a huge burden in their lives become more stressed and more miserable. It is because they are emotionally sick. Their physical body responds to what their emotions wanted them to feel. If they feel like dying emotionally, then their physical body is dying also.

You have in your consciousness the potential and ability to heal anything, on any level, in yourself as well as in any other being, since it’s all just love and energy. What remains is for you to realize this fully and actualize that potential.

Anything can be healed.

This is the good news!

When God created us, he created an incredible healer in us. We’ve got the natural and supernatural healing power that works in our lives. By eliminating these emotional, spiritual, and chemical toxins in our system, we have to awaken the healer in us. And we heal ourselves. When the healer in us is awake, it even prevents diseases.

Six Steps to Obtain Optimal Health and Wellness
In this article, you will learn the power of healing that is with in you. You will be able to apply these steps in your daily lives in order to attain a more productive and healthier living. You’ll also learn how to heal your sickness that you’ve been struggling with for years. You don’t have to be sick anymore. You’ll be living until the age of ninety years while satisfying the stamina of a thirty-year-old. You will have magnificent health and wellness.

Here’s the truth, natural healing and supernatural healing is relatively one. They are one because our spirit and our body are not separate entities.

Here are the six steps how to obtain optimal health and wellness:

1. Healer

You Have the Power to Heal Yourself!

Corinthians 6:19, 20: Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you? You do not belong to yourselves but to God; He brought you for a price. So use your body for God’s Glory.

Have you ever tried asking yourself why you want to be healthy? It is because being healthy, we can serve God and others more? There’s significant reason about this, our body is holy. Every part of it—the limb, the cells, the organs, the tissues, the bones in our body—is God’s perfect creation. Thus, he chooses to dwell in our body, so take care of your body every moment of your life!

A feeling of gratefulness can shift everything that is worst. Just start feeling sincerely grateful for what you have. Look at your hands, your boyfriend’s funny face, or your pet, anything you feel love and gratitude for. Dwell on that feeling. That’s the energy that can help you manifest whatever you want.

2. Emotions

What You Feel, You Can Heal!

In truth, our bodies are designed to live forever. Unfortunately our mental practices in our early years lead to the emotional energy drain that causes our bodies to deteriorate. 

Philippians 4:13: For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need.

Life has its cycles of abundance and need, even for people like us. Regardless of the situation, God wants to teach us how to be contented. The key is to look beyond our wants and focus on the strength that he can provide in any circumstance. So stop worrying. I know most of us here are facing big problems in our life. No one in this world is exempted from having big problems, having tremendous pains brought by failures, boredom, and hatred. I believe that our problems are just too small compared to how big our God is.

How Negative Emotions Can Lead to Cancer

According to Dr. Hamer, the real cause of cancer and other diseases is an unexpected traumatic shock for which we are emotionally unprepared.

Releasing emotions that have been buried is the ongoing work of a lifetime for each of us. We can do this for ourselves and we can help others by facilitating the release of emotional blocks for them and by helping them to develop tools that they can apply to resolve emotional blocks from their own past.

The following list shows how we open ourselves to sickness:

Unaccepted feelings
Unacknowledged anger
Constant worry
Crippling fear
Low self-worth
Deep shame
Toxic stress
Negative disposition
Toxic eating
Toxic environment

“Whenever you feel a negative emotion, be alone in a room and just sit down with it and feel. Accompany it, breathe into it, and after a while, you’ll feel the anger or fear or sadness lose it’s urgency and power. Allow God to tenderly embrace you in your pain. And then, at the right time, you can let go.” — Bo Sanchez

3. Relationships

Only Love Heals!

There’s a power in loving, caring, and healing relationships over our physical human body. Have you ever tried checking your love tank? Is it full or empty? I can testify myself that my love tank is overflowing with love and care coming from my loved ones, the love I receive from my boyfriend, my family, my friends, and of course the most essential above all is the love I have been receiving from God. This kind of love makes me feel strong every day and even heals every wound that I had from the past.

Now my recommendation is check your inner love tank. How full is it? Increase the love you receive, and also the love that you give. 

Each of us, including you, has the ability to sense energy, detect it, and direct it. You have the ability to love wherever there was a perception of a lack of love, or a call for love. Love heals!

I truly believe that only love can heal our soul, our mind, our emotions and ultimately our body.

Our Body Was Made to Live in Love

Genesis: 2:18: It is not good for the man to live alone.

Ecclesiastes 4:9: Two are better off than one.

Love indeed is good for health. When the Bible gives emphasis to this verse, “It is not good for the man to live alone,” it wasn’t just telling about man needing a woman in his life, but this is about a deep need for love.

Love is food of our soul. When we don’t give and receive love, our soul slowly dies of starvation. And because our soul and our body are one, our body might break down because of the lack of love. Now, you have to make a decision on how you will invest in enriching, nourishing, and healing your relationships.

God Wants to Be in a Relationship with Us

Relationships take work, they take effort like life itself. Relationships are dynamic and ever changing because we are ever changing. A strong relationship requires continuous nurturing, and that takes commitment.

Essential to a strong relationship is commitment. Commitment to making the relationship strong and healthy is the foundation on which it can grow. Commitment to the relationship means unconditionally caring about maintaining and improving the relationship, even during times of anger or disappointment.

Our first “love relationship” is with God. People who relay with a loving God enjoy more health. Many studies have shown that people who attend church and pray regularly are healthier than people who are not religious and spiritual.

God Wants Us to Pass His Kind of Love to Others

Good relationships help us to be healthier and happier. This relationship advice will help you to avoid the bad manners that damage the best of relationships. 

Ephesians 4:32:Instead, be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ.

God is our best model. He invests in his relationship to each and every one of us. Above everything else, he gives priority on it. In his heart, nothing is more important than us. So, we need to do the same. Let us invest in our relationships. Make love as our top priority.

To be continued …


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