The Skinny on Weight: Why More May Be More at Times

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“You can never be too rich or too thin” is the adage made famous by the Duchess of Windsor. So many of us live as though we have failed if we are neither rich nor thin, or if our strivings for either fall short. However, both in and out of the bedroom, feeling comfortable in your own skin is sexier than anything; not only is it good for your self esteem to feel comfortable with your weight, it’s good for your sex life. Interestingly, the better you feel about yourself the easier it is to lose weight anyway, which is pretty ironic if you stop to think about it.

While advocating obesity is not the purpose of this article by a long shot, there is something to be said for a good meal, a nice dessert, and a bouncing, rollicking good time afterwards. Since food and sex are so intricately linked, it only makes sense that now and again something wonderful will have to be tasted, relished, and treasured. If that taste comes a little more often than not, ten more pounds will quickly make their appearance. This is not, however, a time to panic. In fact, it may be a time to celebrate. 

Changing bodies don’t reflect failure and laziness; rather they can mark changes in our emotional landscape; when cooking for our beloved becomes an act of lovemaking and tasting chocolatey things together a symbol of your heart. Being healthy together is crucial; but the point is , good food, good sex and good love often make compatible partners and if your waist line suffers a bit from this heavenly combination it may be something to embrace rather than beat yourself up over. Also, like hairstyles, most women change their feeling about their weight many times. Some women feel more vulnerable at a lower weight and less happy. Not being able to eat a delicious meal and enjoy it takes pleasure away from many women, leaving them with a sense of deprivation and even anger. Allowing yourself to fluxuate, at least a little without being a yo-yo dieter, will allow you a more natural rhythm, an ebb and flow if you like, to your body’s reflection of your heart, soul and mind. 

As we go through changes in our lives, our bodies will change as well; that doesn’t mean you will permanently be any way at all; it just means breathing and loving yourself through the changes may help more than al the punishment. (and, for the record, you actually CAN be too thin and, ahem, too Rich, too). 

Originally published on EmpowHer


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