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Slow Your Aging: Seven Eating Blunders that Speed Up Aging

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There are good fat and bad fats.

We require a healthy balance of fats. Along with maintaining brain, heart and immune function, fat is essential for the maintenance of healthy cell membranes of the billions of all human body cells. This membrane is responsible for transporting nutrients and removing waste in and out of body cells. So can you see where you might not want to create an imbalance at any time in your life? 

The consequences of this belief will not slow your aging, and you might have to deal with Alzheimer’s and other aging ailments.

In fact, all natural fat associated with food including saturated fat from eggs and butter, cold press oils, fish oils, nuts, seeds and avocadoes are required to maintain a healthy body so let’s drop the good fat, bad fat attitude and enter a new paradigm – fat does not misbehave and it can help slow aging.

Assuming That Eating a Raw Food Diet Is Healthier and More Nutritious
Raw food diets tend to be deficient in saturated fat unless you are eating coconut milk, raw meat and eggs. Although an excess of saturated fat is associated with obesity and heart disease it is not wise to be deficient or eliminate food like natural organic butter from your diet. Saturated fat is necessary for proper brain function in children and adults. It also supports and orchestrates the feed back mechanisms of endocrine function associated with the ovaries. And it is necessary to maintain proper kidney function. 

Not Eating a Nutritious Breakfast Is a Big Blunder
This choice indicates that you have yet to make personal nutrition and or health goals part of your consciousness. You will probably be surprised when you become ill or overweight and blame it on aging. Simply eating a balanced breakfast is a big step forward to claiming a healthy habit to start your day mindful of supporting your energy. With a healthy breakfast, you are less likely to overeat at other meals. This can lead you to the next level that is planning your day, and your weekly menu based on adopting a healthier eating lifestyle designed to slow aging.

Choosing to Eat the Same Foods You Ate as a Teenager After You Hit Thirty-Five
As you age, your body cannot adjust to an overload of simple sugar, alcohol, and the fare of the process food industry and fast food. Enzyme production for digestion and assimilation of this kind of manipulated food diminishes as we age. The by products of this dilemma can cause aging ailments which you experience as arthritis, stomach problems, age spots on skin and damage to heart, lung, liver, and gall bladder.

Believing That the Latest Fad Diet Is the “End All” to Your Health or Weight Problems
Usually these fad diets are tooted as the most powerful substance that will also keep you and Oprah slim and extremely healthy. The idea here is that this remarkable pill or portion will balance out and solve all your eating problems and bring ideal health and a new mindset in forty days.

Decide to stop being part of the quick-fix culture. Get the facts about how to make healthy eating choices as you age.

Using an Excess of Vitamins and Minerals to Replace Substances Found In Fresh Food
Say it ten times: vitamins have no energy-giving substances!

Energy-giving substances are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Eating a variety of these types of food will give you all the energy and vitamins you need to stay healthy. But, you must choose wisely to ensure that you are getting the required A, B, C, and D from food. Vitamins are components of foods, so if you do not make the correct choices daily then you might have to supplement your energy-giving-substances. This is why they are called supplements.

You will be more wiling to research and respect the power of natural vitamins in fresh food, when you develop this mindset about the quality of food (energy) you are giving your body on a day to day basis. And remember, vitamin deficiency is rare in well developed countries with a variety of abundant food supplies.

Not Eating Freshly Made Salad Dressing
Making a daily salad with fresh salad greens and fruit is the best gift to your immune system. Then pick up a bottle of commercial salad dressing, read the label and weep!

Why give this nutritious gift to your immune system and then add dressing that disrupts its ability to protect.

A well-crafted salad dressing will have ingredients like lemon or lime juice, both high in vitamins C, to aid your immune system, and body friendly oils like grapes seed, olive, walnut, and canola to improve heart and lung function and no additives for shelf life. Adopting this healthy habit is a giant step forward.


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