Slowly, Slowly

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Okay so Paul Mckenna has given us four golden rules to eat by:

  1. Eat when you are hungry (sounds good to me)
  2. Eat what you want (Ooooh! Now that I can manage)
  3. Eat consciously—savoring every mouthful (more challenging than it sounds)
  4. STOP when you are full (I knew there would be a catch!)

Eating consciously really does require all your concentration. The purpose of doing this is so that you learn to listen to your body and by doing so will feel the moment that you are no longer hungry. This is when you stop eating.
I think I might be having some problems here as suspiciously I have not been feeling full until the very end of the meal, when there is nothing left on my plate. To counter this problem I have been serving smaller portions on smaller plates, which does seem to work quite well. I am pleasantly full at the end of the meal without having eaten a huge meal. Unfortunately that isn’t the case when we have eaten out, which we did three times in the last week!
Another problem I have is that I am naturally a fast eater, as are the rest of my family, whereas my partner is a slow eater. Eating fast is the enemy of eating consciously as your body is never given a chance to send out its ‘full’ signal. So, in an effort to slow my eating down I have been pacing myself against Thomas. I have also given him permission to tell me to slow down . . . it didn’t take long for that to get bloody annoying!
Another challenge with the four golden rules is eating only when you are really hungry. Paul gives a hunger scale ranging from starving to stuffed and says that we should never be at the extremes. The purpose of the hunger scale is to stop and think before you eat something, to decide if you are genuinely hungry or whether you just need to eat for some other reason. You might for instance actually be thirsty or you might need to eat for emotional reasons . . . (I am paraphrasing here by the way).
This means that every time I want to eat, say for instance it happens to be lunchtime, I need to have a drink of water and check out my emotional wellbeing before eating my sandwich. The problem with this is that if it is lunchtime and my sandwich is a yummy one, even if I am actually parched or feeling needy I will decide that I am of course hungry….no seriously I really am!
These then are the challenges that I face. I know, it’s not exactly Everest or finding a cure for cancer but it is my challenge and it does feel quite . . . well challenging.


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