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Snoring? It Might be Damaging Your Heart

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My youngest daughter and I had to share a couch once some twenty years ago. That’s when I found out I snore! It would wake her up and she would promptly wake me up with a, “Mom, you’re snoring!” First it was just a nudge. It later became an elbow anywhere she could land it. I finally heard of sleep testing. That was in 1995. It was a mild case of sleep apnea. “Loose weight,” the doctor said. I was in college (yes in my forties) when I had congestive heart failure. I was hospitalized for my youngest daughter’s sixteenth birthday. “Loose weight,” the heart doctor said. I’m trying!!

You all know how hard it is after thirty. Well I have to move to another town and I get a new doctor. My heart is weak and the doctor wants to know if I snore because that might mean I have sleep apnea and that can damage the heart.  Well, yes. She sends me to get a new sleep study. Now I stop breathing sixty-one times in an hour!!! I’ve gone from mild to severe in ten years. The sleep study doctor has me get a CPAP machine. They keep a steady flow of air going in the nose so it doesn’t plug up and you can keep breathing. I also have oxygen now so the heart doesn’t have to work so hard. So, snoring isn’t just a bother to the people that have to listen to you, it can be DAMAGING YOUR HEART!!! If you or some one you know snores, please have them get checked.


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