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Spring Cleaning Calorie Burn

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Burn some calories while you shape up your home!

It’s that time of year where you get the itch to put some order into your home. Doctors believe that even with short bouts of mild exercise can help improve your fitness level. So, yes, chores around your house and gardening can burn calories along with stretching and toning your muscles.

All though it’s not likely to give you a perfect swimsuit body, doing some sort of moderate activity for thirty minutes or more ever day can bring some real health benefits. Now if you add the thirty minutes you spend doing exercising like walking or biking to your thirty minutes of doing chores you are getting a full hour of exercise. If you’re trying to lose weight, it is recommended that you get sixty minutes a day of exercise. Yeah!

A person that is 150 pounds here are the number break down for calories burned every 30 min.

Activity with Calories Burned every thirty minutes:
My number-one favorite thing about cleaning is vacuuming! It burns: 130
Washing windows: 100
Washing dishes: 75
Washing the car: 155
Moping the floor: 155
Dusting: 85
Gardening: 184
Doing the laundry: 75
Mowing the lawn: 152
Weeding the yard: 155

These are just to name a few, So hop to it! Cleaning counts!


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