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Take Leaps Toward Weight Loss

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I know many professionals talk about taking baby steps, and I totally see the point to all that, however, anyone that wants to lose weight is pretty clear that he/she doesn’t want to take five years to do it. Every diet out there is about speed, so I say instead of working against this theory, work with it!

If you want to lose weight, you need to take leaps not steps, and don’t worry, I am sure many of you already do this. Think about it, you learn about a diet and then you go for it, full force! You buy a gym membership and you go every day! You buy P90x and you do it religiously … and then reality sets in … wow, this kinda sucks!! So, here’s the thing, make an intention to take leaps toward true weight loss. How, you ask? I will give you three easy steps:

  1. Trust your body. Your body is ridiculously smart! Do you really think it doesn’t realize if you have been very active or inactive? Do you think it doesn’t know if you have eaten something rich and filling? It knows everything! All you have to do is trust it to give you the signs you seek.
  2. Listen to your thoughts and reach for better feeling ones. Instead of thinking, yeah Michelle, all this stuff you talk about sounds good, but it’s so hard! Just do it! Stop finding all sorts of reasons to not believe it; don’t search in past experiences to prove that it won’t work, just listen to your thoughts and continuously reach for ones that feel better. What feels better, “I want to lose weight but it’s just so hard,” or “Losing weight is easy because my body always wants me to be thin.”
  3. Ask for help. I cannot stress this enough. I can’t even imagine running a business without a coach and there are people out there that are running their lives all alone. Here’s the thing, it’s not too expensive, the fear is that once you make an investment in yourself you have to deliver! It means you have to change and live a life you truly desire. If you are not a weight-loss expert, you cannot be upset you are having challenges. That’s what we are here for!


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