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Tea; Wellness in a cup

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Never underestimate the humble cup of tea! Centuries of careful cultivating have give us many remedies to various ailments, and all you need to do is put on the kettle.

Ayurvedic (eye-yer-vay-dic) medicine, (a system of medicine originating in India over 5,000 years ago) uses tea for many ailments, including indigestion, menstrual cramps, liver detox, and many others to promote wellness and healing.

Some of the benefits of drinking wellness teas are better digestion, increased metabolism, (which leads to weight loss), removal of toxins from your body, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Some of these herbs such as Juniper Leaf , have wonderful antiseptic properties that heal issues like urinary tract infections and kidney infections. Others, like ginko, licorice, and fennel promote memory retention and healthy brain activity.

Green teas are used for weight loss, healthy and toned skin, and even to tighten and refresh gums when used as a mouth rinse. Green teas also have anti-inflammatory properties that can significantly reduce joint pain and swelling.

Ginger teas are known for being refreshing, invigorating, and are known to help reduce nausea. Nausea caused by chemotherapy, motion sickness or irritable bowel syndrome can be greatly reduced by drinking ginger tea alone or combining it with green tea. It should be noted that pregnant women should consult their physician because of the possibility of uterine contractions when using ginger.

Care should be taken when preparing teas, and it has been proven that hot tea brings greater health benefits from the herbs than cold or bottled teas Always use fresh water. Bring to a rolling boil and let tea steep 3 to 5 minutes to allow the herbs to fully blend and release the herbal qualities which will benefit your health!

Then sit back and enjoy your beverage, knowing that it is not only delicious and refreshing, but creating wellness within you.

Shelli Rossingol lmt/cr December 2012


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