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Ten Things You Can Do Now to Lose Weight

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With all the buzz about weight loss, here are some tips that can help you lose weight and maintain your goal weight—tested and true.

1. Go for a walk
Simple, but rarely done consecutively. An hour walk can burn more than 150 calories for the average woman. And if you think it’s boring, grab a friend—they will thank you.

2. Catch some zzz’s
A growing body of medical research suggests that getting more sleep at night can help with losing and keeping off weight. Add another hour or two if you feel tired or sluggish during the day, signs of which you’re not getting enough sleep.

3. Don’t skip breakfast
Studies show that people who eat a healthy breakfast five times a week tend to weigh less than people don’t eat breakfast at all and have a lower incident of diabetes.

4. Eat slowly
Eating slowly will allow you to savor and enjoy your food, doing so will also allow your body to register that you are full and won’t be needing those second helpings.

5. Shrink your plates
Studies show that the less food in front of you, the less you’ll eat. So buy some smaller dinner materials and don’t pile it high like you’re at a one-plate buffet.

6. Swap your soda for something with less calories.
The average soda has about 150 calories per can. Two cans a day would be about 300 calories—lots and lots of weight producing calories. Swap one can of soda for water everyday for a year and you could lose thirteen pounds, assuming your not adjusting your diet for the lack of calories.

7. Color your plates blue or pink
( ... or something in your eating room for that matter.) Studies have shown that the color blue is an appetite suppressant, causing you to eat less. Red, orange and yellow are appetite stimulants.

8. Record everything you eat
Studies show that recording everything you eat on a piece of paper may make you consume less food by up to 15 percent. So tote a little notepad with you when you go out.

9. Add hot peppers to your food
The ingredient in hot peppers that makes them spicy, capsaicin, also helps reduce your appetite, causing you to eat less. Add them to pasta sauce, meat loaf, and seasoning for extra help.

10. Add fiber to your diet
Along with all of its health benefits, fiber is a powerful tool in losing weight, it allows you to eat a snack and feel like you ate a meal—great for weight loss.


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