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Three Diet Myths Disproved

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Being slightly overweight is bad for your health
Not quite so. As it turns out, it could be exactly the opposite. According to a recent Canadian study, people slightly overweight live longer than those of a medically normal or healthy range. Even though the study only looked at deaths during, not quality of life. It is becoming clear that a few extra pounds may help protect the human body. So yeah, go ahead and have that extra bowl of pasta—just not everyday.

Skipping breakfast will help you lose weight
As much I wish it did, it doesn’t. Statistics show that as many as one in four to one in two Americans don’t consume breakfast. Researchers have found that not eating a breakfast can contribute to high cholesterol levels, decreased sensitivity to insulin, weight gain, heart disease, and iron deficiency among other things. Just some more reasons to consume breakfast.

For women, weight training will make you look masculine
Nope! To bulk up from weight training would take a lot of weight lifting and a diet with lots of protein. Strength training will increase the amount of muscle you have, which in turn will increase your metabolism, but will not likely give you very much added bulk. The reason behind this is because women don’t make enough testosterone as men. They see men weight lift and get bulky and think that will happen to them, but because women don’t produce very much testosterone (the hormone that allows men to build muscle as they do) it’s unlikely that women would bulk up.


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