Twenty-Five Healthy Things

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Twenty-Five Random Things 

Rule: Once you’ve been tagged you are supposed to write a note with twenty-five random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose twenty-five people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. 

If you have Facebook or if you happen to know someone who has Facebook you may have heard about the twenty-five things. It is a chain letter circling the Internet and according to Wikipedia there have been nearly five million of these posts on Facebook already. And it is still circulating! The idea is that you write twenty-five things people might not know about you and then the people you “tag” are supposed to write twenty-five things about themselves. This way we all get to know a little bit more about each other. It’s pretty fascinating to me that it has gotten so out of control. And so in honor of this phenomenon I am going to write my own twenty-five things for this week’s update. These are things I do (or try to do) to help live a healthier and happier life. Maybe you will learn something new, maybe not. Or maybe (hopefully) it will help inspire you to pay more attention to the things you have control over doing. We are all in charge of our own health. What can you do to help keep and improve that health? This is my question to all of you. And these are my twenty-five healthy things. 

1. I carry a water bottle around with me everywhere. I know it looks a little “gym rat” but it reminds me to drink water. I find that the water bottles with straws help me to drink more water because I don’t have to keep unscrewing a top, plus I can walk and sip without spilling. 

2. If I want something “bad” for me or rather if I want some of my “trigger food” (that’s the food I know I could eat forever) I will only buy it in small amounts. For me it’s trail mix so I will buy just a cup from the bulk bins at the supermarket, that way I only eat what I buy. Or if the bulk bins aren’t available, I will buy an entire bag, take out a big handful, and then give the bag to a homeless person. I know it seems wasteful but if it keeps me from overeating and I help feed someone with no food, I think that’s a positive.  

3. I don’t read trashy magazines. I believe that they are perpetuating the body issues of our society. Not only am I boycotting them by staying away, I am keeping my self-esteem up high where it belongs.  

4. I go for a walk every day.  

5. I smile at people. This really works. I have written about it before and I know it’s true. If I smile, I will feel better.  

6. I don’t watch TV before bed. The lights from the TV are stimulating and will actually keep you awake longer than you may have been were it off. Read something boring, you’ll be asleep in no time.  

7. I eat a healthy breakfast. It really starts the day off right. Just like making the bed. I believe that making the bed actually sets the tone for the day.  

8. I eat yogurt every day. My doctor told me that the bacteria in the yogurt help to regulate the bad bacteria in my belly and I believe her, so I do it. 

9. I recycle everything. 

10. I turn off the tap when I am brushing my teeth. 

11. I breathe deep in my belly. And when I am feeling overwhelmed I take note of my breath. A few deep breaths will often calm me down. 

12. I only step on the scale in the morning and only once a week. Stepping on the scale in late afternoon or every day is just asking for trouble. It is like letting the scale define whether to have a good day or a bad day. If you must weigh-in, pick a day and then do it that same time, same day, once a week. 

13. I send Thank You cards. A little bit of gratitude does wonders for the mental health. 

14. I make to do lists and put even mundane tasks on them. This way I can cross off more and it feels more productive. I will often write, “have shower, brush teeth, check Facebook.” Look, three things done already! 

15. I cry. Not every day but often enough. Usually it is during a movie or telephone commercial. It is like a giant release. If I get a good cry in it’s almost as if I’ve run a marathon, I’m exhausted. Those nights, I sleep like a baby. 

16. I spoil my dog. They have done studies about this. Petting a dog or really any kind of pet will actually improve your mood. 

17. I do yoga. There are so many reasons that yoga rocks. I will write an article about it soon. 

18. I ask for help. No one needs to carry a burden all by themselves. Healthy isn’t always easy and that’s what friends are for. 

19. I eat real sugar. If you’re gonna do drugs (sugar) it is better to get it pure, not the jacked up junk they sell on the street. 

20. I sing in the shower. Open up those lungs and let it out! It’s like crying but your eyes don’t get that puffy look afterwards. Sing it loud! The louder you sing, the better you will feel. 

21. I write “exercise” in my day planner. That way I think of it like a client or a meeting and I am less likely to make an excuse. 

22. I download audio books to listen to while I exercise. They keep me going long after the treadmill has lost my interest. 

23. I sit down to eat and count my chews. 

24. I cut up tons of vegetables at the beginning of the week and keep them in Tupperware in the fridge. That way I always have something healthy to snack on. 

25. I floss my teeth. 

Be good to your body, it’s where you live!


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