Use Office Furniture for a Fantastic Workout

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Squeezing in time for the gym seems to get more difficult as we get older. Luckily, there are plenty of effective exercises you can do with all of the equipment you already have… in your office.

Your ergonomic chair, office desk and even filing cabinet are all the tools you need to get toned while taking care of business. There’s no need to waste time changing into a t-shirt or driving to the local gym with these easy exercises.

Get on the Ball

Of course, the key to any workout routine is complementing it with a healthy diet and a dose of dedication. However, there are some tricks that simply require the right furniture. An exercise ball is a great alternative to a traditional chair. These balls nix passive sitting, make you aware of your posture and even improve neuromuscular activity.

The Secret’s in the Chair

You don’t need an exercise ball in order to get a great workout from your ergonomic office chair. Both leg extensions and hip openers are possible. Indulge in daily leg extensions by sitting straight in the chair, holding in your abs, and slowly lifting one leg horizontal (at a 90 degree angle from the floor) and repeating. Three sets at 15 reps each will do the trick.

Hip flexation is another, similar exercise. While maintaining proper posture, simply raise one foot off the ground about two inches and hold for five seconds. Repeat this movement on the other side. If you want a little more resistance, consider bringing ankle weights to the office.

Improve Upper Body Strength at Your Desk

If push-ups aren't your thing, your desk can help you. Angle your body diagonal to the floor and try a few sets of push-ups using your desk as a foundation. It’s easier on the joints than traditional push-ups and can easily be done in less than one minute. This exercise will also get you up and moving which is a must for desk jockeys.
Another option is chair squats. This will require a stable chair, so if yours has wheels make sure you lock them first. Scoot off the end of your chair, brace your hands on the edge of the seat, and dip down and back up. It’s a great counter-exercise to push-ups and quickly gets the blood pumping.

Finding Zen Via Yoga at Work

Warrior two and tree pose aren't required for a solid yoga practice. The purpose of yoga is to quiet the mind, increase concentration and restore balance and flexibility. You can do many poses, or asanas, right from your office chair. Try the upper arms of eagle, seated mountain pose or bringing your hands to heart center to open the collar bone.

A great upper body opener is simply bringing your arms overhead while seated and holding opposite elbows with your palms. Yoga is different for every practitioner and there’s no rule that you have to be on a mat to get the benefits. No matter what kind of exercise you prefer – whether cardio, yoga or lifting – there are possibilities to indulge even when typing up that memo.


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