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Vaginal Plastic Surgery

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Okay, call me old fashioned, but what are we really talking about here? I recently saw an article on having vaginal plastic surgery. Okay, I comprehend that there may be times when a woman might want to have a “tighter” vagina. As a result of numerous childbirths, sometimes I gather the vaginal canal can be stretched out so that sexual penetration offers less sensation. No problem. Surgically fixable? Fix it.

I can even understand the concept of surgically “re-virginating” a woman if her culture requires it to make her more marriageable. (I think it also might be a wonderful twentieth wedding anniversary surprise for the man who has everything. Yes, I’m joking.)

But when doctors start talking about having the labia reduced for aesthetic beauty, I do get a little concerned. Aren’t women’s vaginal areas supposed to be a little bit like snowflakes? I mean, no two should be exactly alike, should they? Also, an “aesthetic beauty” according to what definition? Maybe the smooth “no-genitalia at all” look would appeal to some folks—kind of like a Barbie doll.

Years ago, I remember watching television ads for vaginal sprays to make you feel “fresh” and “clean” (as opposed to what? stale and dirty?). If I understand correctly, the natural musk smell from humans is part of what attracts us to each other. I always wondered about women who would spray themselves with “Summer’s Eve” or “Sublime Strawberry Delight.” Sounds pretty gross me to mix that with the natural scent that nature gave us.

Back to the perfect labia for a moment. I gather from photos (yes, these plastic surgeons have before and after photography), they can make your labia completely uniform, reduced, and less obvious. No more embarrassment about uneven labia lips.

Who on earth sits around being embarrassed by uneven labia lips? I wish I could say I was just making this up, but truth is stranger than fiction, isn’t it?


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