Vaginal Rejuvenation: Reconstructed, Tightened, and Even Revirginized

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Kinda has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Conjures up thoughts of … well, everyone is different, but I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking. Essentially, your vagina, but the latest and greatest version.

The first time I heard about vaginal rejuvenation was on an episode of Dr. 90210. I remember thinking, who on earth would really need and want to pay to have their hooha tampered with? Using sharp objects and laser beams no less. I mean, vaginal rejuvenation sounds great, but, is it worth it? And, uh, what does it entail again exactly?

Well, after much nosing around on the Web, I have some interesting and enlightening info on this latest trend in plastic surgery. Apparently, you can have your nether regions reconstructed, tightened, and even revirginzed. Yes, re-virgin-ized. Is that even a word? Better yet, is that even possible?

According to some doctors, “hymenoplasty” makes like nothing ever happened. Um, do I need to be blunt here? Okay, it’s like you never had sex. Your hymen is skillfully reconstructed so that your new husband is none the wiser about your promiscuous past. Well, if you’re a woman whose religion dictates a virginal state when married this can be a pretty handy procedure. And, if you don’t fall into that category, you may simply wish to give your current husband, lover, boyfriend the gift of a lifetime … your virginity, again. Don’t be thinking I came up with these scenarios on my own either. Women are, indeed, “rejuvenating” themselves for cultural, religious, and gifting reasons. 

Hymenoplasty not for you? Don’t fret. There is an array of vaginoplasty procedures that you can choose from. Maybe you just want to look more aesthetically pleasing or symmetrical. For that, you can have personalized labiaplasty to sculpture those unwieldy lips. (Yes, I said lips. There‘s no other word for it, okay. Moving on.).

In the market for enhanced sexual gratification? You may want to look into Laser Vaginal Rejuvination . A one-hour, outpatient procedure.

Need a more youthful looking vulva? Ask your surgeon about perineoplasty.

Can’t find anything on the menu yet? You’re not to be left out. There are even rejuvenating procedures that can correct things like urinary incontinence. And, come on ladies, anyone who has given birth can relate to this predicament.

The cost for utilizing the aforementioned services on your way to vaginal rejuvination? I have yet to hear any solid numbers, but seems to be in the thousands. Not surprisingly. Don’t forget you can mix your own cocktail of procedures to fit your budget and needs. I believe you can even throw in a boob job or face lift for easy, one-stop bodily-improvement.

Personally, I think vaginal rejuvenation sounds pretty cool. Especially after having four kids, two of which are twins, vaginally. Lord knows (and my husband, oh, and my OB) that things are just not the same down there. But, is it worth it? I won’t be finding out anytime soon. I’ve already been stretched, cut, ripped and stitched in that special area and I can’t say I’m ready to go back for more. At least not yet.

For the most extensive information on Vaginal Rejuvenation, visit:  The Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Michigan’s Web site. You can view actual photos and learn more about all of the available procedures.

Originally published on Twins Pregnancy and Beyond 


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