Variety Helps in Weight Loss

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Are there times when you feel frustrated because you’ve been working hard at losing the weight and the inches? I know that was the case for me this past spring, as I was getting into a walking routine to help burn calories away.

I was totally frustrated because I’d walked twenty-five miles a week for five weeks and the scale simply wasn’t tilting the way I wanted it to. It seems that though a few inched came off my waist, my choice of foods to fulfill my hunger needs was holding the scale at a steady level.

Then in early May I donated four days to volunteering for Habitat For Humanity and by the end of the week I noticed that a few pounds had actually melted away. It seemed there were two factors for my weight loss:

1.  A completely different mode of exercise where I was using a wide variety of muscle and daily endurance, and

2. Getting away from the house where access to food was not so readily available and I didn’t fall back into spending a lot of extra time sitting in front of my computer every day.

I also began to take notice that on the network weight loss shows the trainers and coaches were mixing up the routines for the participants and all you have to do is watch to realize they are having success. Their routines don’t just involve walking five miles a day, they also include weight lifting, push-ups, bicycling, and sometimes even swimming and other options. What I can tell you from personal experience is that the walking was good for me and the great mix of lifting, climbing, hammering, and lifting and climbing over and over, putting on only about 3,500 to 5,000 steps each day was even better than just the one 10K steps per day routine.

When I’m not getting what I need through volunteering, I find that mixing in bicycling and weights and finding somewhere to climb, helps to keep me in shape.

Remember when one main exercise isn’t doing what you want, it’s time to explore your options and put some variety into your routine. As always, be sure to check with your doctor before getting into a successful weight-loss routine and if you need a trainer to help you set up a routine, be sure to look for a certified person who can safely help you meet your weight-loss goals and set you up in a program of activities that work for you.


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