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Wake Up and Dance

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I have read a million health books that advise that we need to work out at least thirty minutes each day. Move your bones. Get your blood flowing. Align your chakras. Do something loving for your body.

I am dead set on establishing a routine that I will stick to. I have tried the gym. And, a bad case of MRSA has made me fearful of the germs that linger so my commitment involves me getting over a phobia and working out. Needless to say, the gym rarely sees me.

I have tried classes that I will forget about or don’t feel like driving to in the rain or for any other unforeseen reasons. I have tried walking with friends and the scheduling coordination of it all in the mist of our busy adult lives is unnerving. No one lives next door to each other anymore. And, plus when the stars align and we are able to walk, it usually ends with us having a siesta and completely stuffing our faces, defeating the purpose.

I need a routine. What do I like?

One day I was feeling extra lazy but my body wanted to move. I needed to transfer some energy. So, I simply got up. Found a Chris Bown–Black Eyed Peas–Beyoncé infused YouTube playlist and went to town. I got in front of the mirror, for some reason I have to see myself, and I danced like it was 1999. You would have thought I was trying out for the Redskin’s cheerleading squad. I felt so alive!

And, then it hit me. Dance, Tiffany! Hello.

In retrospect, when I was a child my mother and I would dance together in the morning before I went to school and she went to work. It was like our little secret meditation. And, as I got older I began to stay in my own room and dance. I did this all through my childhood, and tween years. I remember times I would be late for school, work or something important because I didn’t want to stop dancing and get ready for the day ahead.

And, then I went to college and continued the pattern but it got more intense because I became a nightclub junkie. I was always at someone’s club dancing the night away. This, in fact, was my workout. Back then, not only was I in shape but I never tried to be. But, as I got older I moved to a sleepy town and the night life isn’t all that appealing. I have to organize and schedule a workout.

So, now I dance in my living room with no disco ball, no bar, and no entrance fees. I simply wake up and dance. I don’t have to drive to a scary germy gym. I don’t have to fit in a class across town. I just let the music play and move my bones and feel accomplished for sticking to a routine.



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