Walking for Dog’s Sake

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Growing up in Rural Saskatchewan we always had a dog in our family. In later years our kids, while growing up, had two different spaniels who both lived long healthy and happy lives. Our two oldest boys went on to have their own dogs in later years.

Both myself and my husband have diabetes. While it has been somewhat difficult to get my husband to exercise, I regularly walk twice a day and have done so for the past several years; this performing by myself or sometimes dragging a friend or my sister along. You may be wondering what this exercise has to do with dogs. 

Normally, a dog will drag you if not held back. We always took our cogs along thus giving both dog and body the exercise needed. In later years when we no longer had a dog and were not dragged, I continued the daily walks and still do to this day.

Dogs won’t go away!! While living in the Northwest Territories in a small Dene community where my Husband worked for several years, I continued to walk daily and on one such walk with a friend, we passed an enclosure on the side of the road holding husky sled dogs. One dog escaped the enclosure and gave chase to both of us-for what ever reason we don’t know. This dog came up behind me and bit the back of my leg leaving visible marks, breaking the skin and causing some bleeding. My friend picked up small rocks from the side of the road and drove the animal off. A Tetanus shot was required (these are not pleasant at all believe me) and rest assured I never walked that route again.

We have since moved four times since that encounter and more recently have settled in a rural town in southern Sasatchewan where we are retired. This has not stopped the walking and meeting of dogs en route.

This past summer I walked past a small dog which gave chase to me and bit my leg once again. At the time I did not show any animosity nor did I run. Once again a Tetanus shot at the hospital.

I continue to walk daily; it has kept my blood sugars in check. Oh yes, I occasionally drag hubby along; he even admits he feels so much better. As for dogs we continue to show loving kindness to all of them and will continue to do so in our golden years.

All I ask is please keep your dog in check and don’t breathe the word SANDRA.



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