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We Are When We Eat

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“Eat a good breakfast.”

How many of us actually heed the wisdom of those nourishing and traditional words?

The typical American breakfast is … nothing with coffee. If we can’t stomach black coffee, white sugar, sucralose, or aspartame is dumped in and then we’ll float some of that horrid non-dairy “creamer” because we’re watching our waistlines.

What kind of nutrition is in that “breakfast” that will answer the demands of our brains, our bodies and our hectic society?

“Wait!” you protest. “I have granola/Cheerios/Quaker Quick Oats with pasturized non-fat or soy milk, raisins and brown sugar with fruit and an O.J.!”

Count the GRAMS OF SUGAR in that breakfast. Boxed cereals and quick oats are processed like sugar in the body. The non-fat milk contains only lactose (more sugar). The process of making the milk non-fat has stripped it of the proteins and fats that would moderate the insulin response a bit. Pasturization literally makes the milk fats and casein rancid and difficult, if not impossible, to digest.

Your body is now completely overloaded on carbs, which requires insulin to clear your blood of all that glucose so you don’t go into a coma. Insulin’s only job is to make and store fat and it does that, layering it on your butt and belly.

This breakfast will follow with a huge crash and you’ll go looking for more sugar or caffeine to keep you going. You tend to skip meals because your waistline keeps expanding.

At night, you’re starving and inhale everything in sight after that cocktail to help you wind down from your lousy day. Maybe you stopped at the gym and did some really sweaty cardio. You deserve a big meal with whatever you want.

Do you eat nutritious food or do you just pack down a bunch of empty calories? Is your body shape pear or apple? Graph when you eat and your body shape will reveal itself.

If you’re not eating nutritionally dense food, you will turn to nicotine, caffeine and sugar or combine them all to get that “kick.” Then you crash, get more, get wired, crash again, get more, get wired all day long.

Is it any wonder we devour everything in sight at night, but are sick and tired, fat and wired?

When Do I Eat?

· Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have them, especially breakfast! If you start your day with a bang, you’ll be less inclined to junk during the day or snarf at night. A good plan to follow is to have a 50/50 split of “Eyes” (animal products, including fats)/”No Eyes” (veggies, some fruits, sprouted whole grains) on your plate, no matter what that plate size is. If you’re hungry eat, but choose to eat real food not processed, packaged or diet junk.

· Have your morning coffee after you’ve had some protein and complex carbs. Drinking coffee stimulates the adrenals and glucose is dumped into your body. Insulin is then released to clear your blood of the glucose that can’t be used and stores it as fat on your butt and belly. This sets you up for the spike/crash/carb craving cycle the entire day. Just making this small timing change dropped 5 pounds off me and my more willing clients.

· Eat snacks to keep your blood sugar level through-out the day. Avoid sugar, grains, coffee, and caffeine infused “energy” drinks, especially before bed.


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