Weigh in for 2013

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Sick of saying you are going to lose weight and nothing happens? Life gets in the way and your good intentions fall to the wayside, and here you are, starting a new year, with those unwanted pounds still hanging around. Here is painless answer to losing some of the weight , not just for your self esteem, but for your health.

Research shows that losing just 5-10 percent of your body weight can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other chronic health conditions, and that in itself is motivation!

To sum it up in just a few, easy to remember words; Take in fewer calories than you burn! It's easier than you think! You can cut 100 calories from your diet a day, and by eating 100 fewer calories per day you can lose 10 lbs. in a year, and the best part is, you won't even miss it!

One very simple way to accomplish this is the "no white" way of eating. This eating plan really pumps up your burn factor and allows you to lose the weight much faster. You simply cut from your diet anything that contains white flour, white sugar, milk, potatoes, etc. What you are left with are hundreds of choices and you don't ever need to feel deprived.

Example: white potato for a sweet potato, (more vitamins, minerals, lower glycemic index and more fiber),Instead of bread for a sandwich, try using a large lettuce leaf for your pastrami and cheese, it's delicious, no fat, no carbs, crunchy and good for you. Milk replacement? Try Rice milk, Soy milk or Almond milk. These are delicious alternatives, and you can get them in Organic and chocolate too. Sugar? Agave nectar, honey, Truvia sweetener, etc. Rice? Brown for white, steamed rather than fried, You get the idea.

You're still eating well, you are just replacing one fattening thing for something healthier. Some people lose up to 15-20 lbs per month following this type of eating plan. Don't think of it as a diet. This is something that will be a lifestyle change. You won't go in and order a burger on this plan, you would order a patty, hold the bun. Do you miss it ? Sure, but the health benefits far out-weigh that momentary pleasure.

Want some other ways to drop some calories? Try these:

Switch from Mayo to mustard or hummus
Have a salad instead of a second slice of pizza
Crunch on pickles or sliced cucumber instead of chips
Have water bottles handy rather than cans of soft drinks or energy drinks
Have a protein shake on your way to work or school, instead of skipping breakfast and over eating at lunch

Make 2013 the year you actually do something about your weight and feel better, live healthier, and enjoy your life more!

Shelli Rossignol lmt/cr December 2012



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