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Weight Loss Success Using a Clean Diet and Workout Videos

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Diet and weight loss success can be achieved by sticking to a clean diet and using some great workout videos—it’s that simple!

When you hear the words diet, workout, or weight loss, what comes to mind? What if I asked you to conjure up the thought of health and workout videos? Would it be an absolute dread or your lifelong supreme challenge?

Well, those words should not bring any of those negative thoughts to mind—they simply should mean you’re living a healthy way of life. It is something that we all should look forward to. There are so many alternatives out there to keeping ourselves physically fit, heart-healthy, and mentally balanced. It is also important to know that no one is alone in his or her quest to find the right weight loss and workout regime that we can stick to and perform on a long-term basis.

That is why I would like to discuss two very important steps in getting you to your goal, or as I like to refer to it, as my “happy place.”

Different types of Exercise and a Low-Fat, Clean Diet Plan
Never-ending fad diets are not proven to work well for the majority of people. You might read or hear of amazing results but they never tell you that they are usually short-lived, leaving you back with the weight you have lost and then some. For those of you just starting out, I think the best suggestions I could give would be to begin with a low-fat diet, meaning keeping your fat intake to under ten to fifteen fat grams per meal. You will find that by doing this, your caloric intake should decrease or stay within 1,000 to 1,800 calories per day.

  • Never skip meals—especially breakfast. This is your most important meal of the day. Just as a vehicle cannot run without the proper fuel, neither can our bodies, as it is the most amazing machine known to man.
  • You should break larger meals down to four to six smaller meals per day, eating them about three hours apart. When we keep fueling our bodies with high-octane protein and complex carbs, we will experience smooth rides throughout our busy days. In return, your metabolism will begin to burn higher and your insulin swings will diminish. No more extreme sugar cravings and temptations to stuff sugar-laden, fat-ridden foods into our mouths like donuts, candy bars, and salty processed chips. And heaven forbid, please stay away from those fried foods and Super-Sized Fast Food places! Here’s a thought … when we don’t plan our meals and shop accordingly, we set ourselves up for failure.

Another suggestion for even faster weight loss would be to eliminate sugar and all heavily processed foods from your diet. This at first might seem quite impossible to you. You might even ask….”Then what is left to eat in the world?”

My answer to you is in what I mentioned in my opening title to this article: eat clean. This simply means to reset your thinking to eating all foods in their most natural form.

For instance, all fruit comes in nature’s most perfect package—so do vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and all varieties of beans. It was not until man stepped in and started stripping these great foods of their natural nutrients by adding preservatives and processing them for a longer shelf life and aesthetics, that we started our “Battle of the Bulge.” It is the reason for the alarming statistics of childhood obesity and heart disease in America today.
This is really so simple … learn to enjoy and taste foods in their natural state. Do not drown a nice fresh salad in creamy processed bottled dressing. Opt for fresh lemon juice and a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Virgin Coconut Oil. Mix in some fresh garlic, oregano, cracked pepper and sea salt to taste. Then see your taste buds come to life.

Same advice goes for preparing all your meals:

  • When grocery shopping or dining out, make all your choices with your health in mind. Choose only lean meats and fish, and keep a large variety of fresh veggies and salads in mind. Opt for whole-grain dark breads and forget about the butter. For those of you who just can’t live without their pasta, make the switch to whole grain brands—they still have lots of carbs, but contain high protein.
  • Try to stay away from alcoholic beverages. The sugar content is high and will turn to fat.
  • Try to do all your eating before seven p.m. Don’t make your last meal a heavy one. Opt for some organic plain yogurt with a portion of fresh fruit. Call that your dessert.
  • Don’t forget to drink a least one hundred ounces of water per day to keep your system fully hydrated. Please try to avoid all diet and processed sugary drinks.

Now, on to the Second Step: Exercise
Before you sign up for that monthly, high-priced gym membership, read the next paragraph. Don’t get me wrong, I belong to a family type gym myself and actually use the facility as least four times per week, but that was not always the case with me. I had to mentally and physically work myself up to committing to a gym membership. Here is how I did it …

One of the best resources available today is the vast variety of health and workout videos. They are an extremely versatile way of working out and achieving weight loss using professional methods. No matter what your age or level of fitness, there is a workout video that will best suit your individual needs and type of lifestyle. There are literally hundreds of videos designed for stretching, toning, weight loss, and fat burning. You can exercise in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Unlike a structured gym, with set hours and time sensitive classes, a video can be used at any hour of the day or night—they are also great when traveling. They are fun to watch and extremely motivating. They are designed with background music, which we all know can be a powerful tool when it comes to exercise. The more upbeat the music, the higher your enthusiasm level will be. When it comes to stretching, yoga, or pilates, a softer, more instrumental music background might pass the time away and make your workout seem effortless.

Another suggestion I have for your at-home workout routine would be to purchase the right tools to make your workout as productive as possible. Invest in a good exercise mat, stability ball, a set of hand weights ranging from five-, ten-, and and twelve-pound weights, as well as a set of resistance bands. You can invest in other props as you advance in your workouts and your strength levels increase. When adding these simple suggestions into your daily routine, it will make it easier to stick to a program you have basically custom-designed for yourself. You will improve your health and energy level and move closer to your desired fitness goals.


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