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What Is Coaching?

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It seems as though many people don’t understand what coaching really is and I felt the need to explain this wonderful process. We live in a world that tells us there is something wrong with us if we overeat. Our society tells us we must look a certain way to be considered beautiful and certain roles are set for us in our everyday lives. Women are supposed to be caretakers and men are supposed to be providers. Obviously this has changed over the years and yet the tradition still lives strong. Due to this role many women become lost and confused and weight begins to come on as our bodies way of telling us to pay attention and change something. Unfortunately instead of looking at this as a gift we see it as a curse and go to extreme measures to rip it off immediately.

Weight loss coaching is meant to reconnect mind, body, and spirit. In yoga they preach this concept along with the importance of your breath, yet many people don’t do yoga because it is a waste of time (doesn’t burn very many calories and is slow paced) The yogis have it right, weight loss isn’t about burning calories, eating diet food or punishing ourselves, it is just the opposite.

We must turn to our bodies and ask it what the heck is going on. We have put it through extreme diets, calorie restrictive diets, extreme exercise, and negative conversations daily! I mentioned in another blog that our bodies don’t want to be watched, they don’t want to be punished either. Think of your body as an abused child. It is screaming, pleading, and begging for some good ole TLC. When you love your body instead of hate it, it is relieved. When our body is relived it can begin to let go of unwanted weight and stress. When you treat it with tenderness and care, it can drop its protective shell called fat. We need to take our bodies out of time out and give them a hug (literally if you’d like).

Switching our way of thinking is next to impossible it seems. We want to believe that we cant possibly “love ourselves slim” as Tonya Leigh, a fellow weight loss coach put it. We think we need to punish ourselves with diet and exercise or calories in versus calories out or whatever fad diet is out there when really all we need to do is listen and love. So if you are afraid to begin coaching ask yourself this question, “Are you ready to lose weight for the very last time?” If your answer is yes, then this is the only way. If you can’t afford a coach then use resources that are less expensive. There are great books out there and many coaches post an abundance of free information (myself included).

As a personal trainer, it is hard to say that diet and exercise doesn’t work because it is all I used to know. However, the world is evolving and we can just be so grateful that we finally have a way to lose weight that is empowering and absolutely fabulous. It is about time! So if you have only used traditional weight loss methods in the past open your mind to something new. The other methods have a 2 percent chance of working. The only way this won’t work for you if you are not ready to open up and face fears. If you are ready to change your life and really lose weight then don’t let another day go by and love yourself today.


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