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What The Heck Should I Eat?

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Is anyone else just completely flabergasted and confused trying to keep up with all the latest health food trends? I mean really... dairy is bad, dairy is good. Gluten is the devil, gluten is ok. Red wine is healthy, red wine is no bueno... no wonder we are so confused!

One of my mentors told a story of how red wine became known to be the healthy thing to do in America which I found fascinating. Let me tell you the short version:

Americans noticed that the Europeans were much healthier so they decided to go over seas and study them. They watched them eat meals full of fat, carbohydrates, all without any calorie cutting to be seen. They watched them eat for hours and enjoy each others company. They watched them eat slow and deliberately, appreciating their food with extreme pleasure. So naturally they came back to the US and they said, "We got it! We know why Europeans are healthier than Americans."

"It's because they drink red wine!"

They didn't notice they ate slow, with pleasure and consciousness. They didn't notice how long they sat at the table enjoying the food and company. They didn't notice that the food was real food: not low fat, low carb, low calorie. They noticed that glass of wine sitting at the table with them...and so came about the red wine studies.

Not to say red wine is bad for you, however, it's to prove that they still didn't get it. They still didn't understand that it's more important to focus on who you are being when you are eating then what you actually put in your body.

So, here is my advice to you reagrding what the heck to eat....

Eat whatever the heck feels best for your body! If dairy doesn't cause stomach pain and bloating, eat up! If gluten doesn't cause sleepiness, stuffiness and belly aches, enjoy your gluten! If red wine helps you receive more pleasure from your food and life, drink up! My point is, every single one of us has a specific diet that is preferable to our bodies. All you have to do is listen to your body cues. How do you feel after you eat it? Fantastic?? Great, keep eating! Horrible, probably best to leave that food out of your life.

Remember, it's not so much what you eat, it's who you are being when you are eating. If you are eating fast, without consciousness and care, not paying attention and mutli-tasking, not receiving pleasure and satisfaction and under stress... it doesn't matter if you are eating an organic salad or french fries the experience is negative in your body and therefore you will not have ideal digestion and metabolism.

Lastly, don't forget Vitamins P, O and S: Pleasure, Oxygen and Satisfaction. Bon Apetitte!

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