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Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda

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So you love a glass of soda as much as the rest of the world loves their first cup of coffee in the morning. What most people don’t realize is that soda is terrible for your body and overall health. Soda is bad for your stomach and bones and has a number of significant side effects that will make you wish you’d never become addicted (and many of you are)! With that in mind, here are seven reasons why you should eliminate all forms of soda from your diet.

1. Soda is addictive.
Don’t believe me? If you drink soda daily I dare you to try going without it for an entire day. You’ll probably develop a headache, become very tired, and maybe even develop sensations similar to anxiety. The caffeine in soda is what makes it addictive and caffeine is a strong drug. If you drink tons of soda you’ll be better off reducing the amount you drink daily until you wean yourself off instead of quitting cold turkey.

2. Soda leads to dehydration.

This happens for two reasons. Caffeine has diuretic properties so drinking soda will cause you to urinate more frequently. Soda also contains sodium, which will make you thirstier. The average person will reach for a second glass of soda instead of a glass of water. Remember, soda is not a replacement for your daily water intake. Every glass of soda you drink requires you to add an extra glass of water to your daily recommended intake.

3. Soda is packed with calories.

The average can of soda contains at least 150–200 calories. The average person purchases not a can, but a bottle. The average individual bottle of soda, if you read the nutrition information, is listed as having TWO servings per bottle—but most of us drink the entire thing. In short, you’re drinking hundreds of calories per day—all of which are completely void of nutrition.

4. Soda causes bone weakening.
Yup, it’s true. The caffeine and phosphoric acids found in soda will leach the calcium right out of your bones. The increased urination caused by caffeine will also make it more difficult for your body to have time to absorb the nutrients found in your food before being eliminated. It’s a lose-lose situation as far as nutrition is concerned (think arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.).
5. Soda is terrible for your teeth.
The acids found in soda re incredibly strong. They change the pH level in your mouth, destroy your enamel, and cause considerable amounts of decay.

6. Soda is bad for your heart.
What’s the first thing a doctor tells someone with high blood pressure or heart disease? Eliminate salt (sodium) from your diet. The amount of sodium in soda can contribute to high blood pressure and other cardiac ailments. The dehydration caused by caffeine intake affects the fluid levels around the heart as well, leading to decreased cardiac function.

7. Soda contains artificial sweeteners.
Many artificial sweeteners are credited with reducing calorie count in food items, but they also cause cravings and some have been associated with the development of some forms of cancer. Some scientists agree while others believe these claims are just plain silly. Is indecisiveness something you’re willing to ignore? Ready to drop soda like a bad habit? I know I am! Make sure you consult your doctor or nutritionist if you really feel as though you were consuming inordinate amounts of this tasty, yet detrimental, beverage type. He or she will be happy to help you wean yourself away from your addiction!

By Deborah Dera fo


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